7 Stroller Bassinets Approved For Overnight Sleeping

Your new bundle of joy brings a lot of responsibilities and duties with them. Their safety and protection are always your top priorities. Life with them is beautiful yet challenging, especially when you are a newborn’s parent. Taking them out on long journeys, for groceries, in parks, or dining out is undoubtedly not a walkover. In contrast, your newborn’s delicate body also wants a comfortable space to take a rest. So, buying a cozy and protected stroller bassinets approved for overnight sleeping is the best decision!

 However, a best stroller with bassinet is a long term investment, that has multiple functions. Therefore, you should be cautious about spending on the right thing.

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 We suggest that the bassinet strollers are an absolute way out while strolling around with your infants in their early days. Unlike those strollers without a bassinet, The best bassinet stroller comes with regular stroller seat that has comfortable flat support for your newborn’s delicate spine and neck. With its comfy surface, your little one can take the best safe nap on the go and can also sleep for a long time.


What is a bassinet Stroller?

Bassinet strollers are crafted explicitly for newborns and infants, allowing them a better flat area that promotes the baby’s optimal motor development with secure sleep.

Do you need a 2 in-1 bassinet stroller?

These strollers can convert to bassinet easily in place of regular stroller seat giving your newborn room to enjoy tummy time or have a safe nap. It is like a bassinet on the wheels, which carries your little one lying down, which is primarily preferable for developing the soft bones of infants.

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The Best Stroller Bassinets approved for overnight sleeping review

What bassinets are safe for sleep? Being a new parent is a challenging part of one life. You always want to make the optimal decision for your tiny one to keep them safe and secure. Therefore, we examine countless best strollers with bassinet attachment for you, and after reviewing their features, specifications, quality, and affordability, we have picked the top 7.

Bassinet Stroller 3 in-1 Reviews & List of best strollers 2022

7 Best bassinet Travel System

1. Graco Modes Pramette Travel System

Dimensions when open 23.5 x 34.5 x 44.75 inches
Dimensions when foldedNA
Maximum Child weight44 pounds
Stroller Weight37 pounds

One of the best strollers that turn into bassinets will give your infant delicate support and comfortable nap time on the go. It can turn into a car seat and traditional stroller as well.

Product Comparision

Graco bassinet stroller upgraded this model. Now you can swiftly fold the stroller bassinet with only one hand. For your convenience, this model has a separate space for the parent cup and phone, with an extra-large storage basket for you and your baby’s essentials.


Baby bassinet strollers are designed to provide maximum protection to newborn babies from mishaps and save from frontal, rear, rollover, and side bangs on bumpy roads. Like, Graco nest travel system, the big-sized rain cover protects the baby from sun and rain with a window for parents to watch your tiny tot. Available in elegant Ellington color.


Versatile seat positioning in Graco pramette stroller makes your baby feel at home with an adjustable harness for comfy rides. You can also fold the graco pramette stroller simply with one hand. You can quickly reverse the holding bar on either side whenever your baby wants to look at you or wants to face the world. 


Graco Strollers are sturdy and durable with a nicely built design and quality material. Your baby enjoys every stage of this heavy-duty traveling system from infant to toddler. Parents who love this stroller with bassinet and car seat for its premium features have many satisfied Graco modes stroller reviews.

Additional Accessories

Additional features in this graco modes pramette stroller include a sturdy and beautiful baby’s snack tray for holding your baby’s food, milk or water bottles, little toys, rattles, and whatever little things your child wants. You can effortlessly swing it open from one side to get on and off your child or entirely remove it. 

Moreover, it has a vast basket for holding kids’ and parents’ essentials on the go. Another great option is Graco modes nest travel systemGraco modes nest travel system and Graco nest2growGraco nest2grow .But these are a bit pricey.

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Reasons to Buy
  • Easy to use, adjust and fold.
  • Comfortable and secure bassinet stroller
  • Snack tray
  • Recognized branded quality at a reasonable price.
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • 3 in 1: Infant’s Bassinet and car seat, toddler’s stroller.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Bulky
  • The instructional manual is challenging to follow.

2. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Dimensions when open 19.8 x 21.7 x 34.3 inches
Dimensions when folded‎26″ x 19.5″ x 40″
Maximum Child weight35 KG
Stroller Weight38 pounds

You are going to love this bassinet stroller traveling system. From the quality to the versatility, all are up to the mark. Stroller frames that turn into bassinets are pretty pricey, but Evenflo pivot modular provides both you and your baby with a complete traveling set at a reasonable price that will indulge your child and you in long journeys and quick errands.

Product comparison

This Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System has an advanced modular stroller bassinet stand with 6 interchangeable modes. This best bassinet stroller can be adaptable into the bassinet, infant car seat, and toddler seat with a reversible height adjustable handlebar to watch over the baby or if the tiny tot wants to look at the scenes. Introduced an anti-rebound bar to save the child against any mishap or crash.   


These bassinet strollers are made with solid and sturdy material and an ergonomic handle for a tight grip and a smooth. You can easily stroll on terrains like dumpy uneven surfaces or stone pavements thanks to its wheels. But it is not just an all-terrain bassinet stroller but the good thing is it is an overall traveling aid. 

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The beautiful design of bassinet stroller provides the best safety features and comfort at the same time and is available in four trendy color combos.

On top of that, one thing is the design is tested and far off from government safety standards. Its frontal and rear-facing infant car seat is side-impact tested, and a shock absorber bar is built to absorb crashes and ensure the toddler’s safety against any collision.

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With the advanced modular stroller frame, it is one of the best strollers with bassinet attachment, you can adjust the regular stroller seat as a bassinet allowing your newborn to have some tummy time or rest on its comfy flat surface. Also, turn bassinet into toddler mode if your infant is above six months and wants to snug into the cozy seat. 

Additional features

It has massive storage space for keeping your on-the-go items and other kids’ essentials organized. The snack tray will give your baby happy meals and handle their sippy and toys. The extra big canopy provides good shade with a peek-a-boo window, which makes you contained by watching your baby. You’ll admire its one-hand recline reversible seat, simple adjustments, and removable bumper bar for quickly getting your hands on the little one.

Reasons to Buy
  • Government-approved infant car seat design and shock absorber bar
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy adjustment and assembling.
  • Six modular frames make it a multitasker.
  • Huge space basket
  • Snack tray
  • all-terrain bassinet stroller
Reasons to Avoid
  • Little cumbersome.
  • Canopy material needs to be improved.
  • Hand to push as front wheels are not working smoothly.

3. UPPA Vista V2 Stroller- Greyson

Dimensions when open 61.2 x 41.3 x 36 inches
Dimensions when folded 17.3″ L x 25.7″ W 33.3″ H
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight27 pounds

UPPAbaby Vista V2 infant bassinet strollers are a complete set of the infant car seat and traditional toddler stroller. All in one baby gear essential for the road ahead.

Product Comparison

Like most bassinet strollers, The new Vista V2 bassinet stroller upgraded its quality and functions with 6 positionings and reclining seats for first few months of your baby. You are giving more handy adjustments from assembling the gears to swiftly reclining seats and reversible seat adjustment. Moreover, it is updated with UPF 50 plus canopy to provide complete sun protection to your little one. New, improved design and four decent yet chick colors.


It is the most expensive stroller but you’ll love Vista V2 for its quality, durable and long-lasting leather and aluminum material. Shock-absorbing rear suspension wheels and soft tires will give you smooth strolling and security against any crash. The bassinet has a breathable mattress cover allowing your baby to relax and have a safe sleep overnight. The lining can be unzipped and washable, keeping the bed clean. UPF 50 plus canopy prevents babies from harmful sun rays.


The best baby bassinet stroller features are designed to keep your newborn secure on the go and at home. Additionally, you may use Uppababy bassinet as a cradle too. It also has a high back and in depth footrest for your toddler. An extra Piggyback board allows your child to stand on it if they are too tired to walk. You could carry three children simultaneously on this sturdy stroller with the piggyback board. serve the purpose of a double stroller.


One of the best convertible strollers can be adaptable into a bassinet stroller or toddler stroller. You can even add an mesa infant car seat with a bassinet stroller without adaptors to carry your newborn and toddler together on the go. The bassinet stand can be stood on its own anywhere after one-handed folding while not in use. Rumble seat gear allows you to face the baby while forward-facing and multi-position reclined, making your baby gleeful throughout the ride in Uppababy bassinet stroller. A telescoping handlebar will give a rigid grip making a ride more relaxed, pivoting the bumper bar for better toddler handling while loading and unloading. 

Additional features

A vast, deep basket with large storage space will secure your necessary items, kids’ toys, diaper bags and utility stuff. An expandable canopy will block the sun rays, while a mesh panel provides good ventilation and a check on your toddler through the net. Additionally, you can also buy a mesa infant car seat rain cover separately to protect the baby from rain.

Reasons to Buy
  • Best comfortable bassinet stroller for newborns.
  • The sturdy and lasting quality.
  • Multitasker
  • great folding mechanism
  • Reversible seat cushion
  • compatible with mesa car seats
  • Can hold two babies simultaneously.
  • Piggyback board provides additional ride space to stand on.
  • Expendable canopy.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Bulky
  • Pricey
  • A child tray is not available.

4. Zelia 5-In-1 Modular Travel System

Dimensions when open 25.5 x  x 35 x 45 Inches
Dimensions when folded 25.5 W x 17 D x 45 H Inch
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight21 pounds

The Maxi-Cosi 5-in-1 is a complete comb of a stay-in-car base and a stylish, easy-to-operate stroller with the lightest infant car seat. Therefore, it is among the list of favorite bassinet strollers.

Product Comparison

The Maxi Cosi Zila is upgraded with a 5 in 1 modular travel system. Its complete reclining positioning bassinet mode makes Zila the best convertible stroller that can change into a safe carriage for your newborn. You can convert the carriage into a regular stroller seat as your baby grows and enjoy your going-out time with your toddler. 


Its adjustable handlebars give you a swift ride every time and can personalize according to your height. Once your child has finished strolling, this lightweight bassinet stroller may fold effortlessly and stand upright. The seat cover is made from premium fabric that is removable and can be washed with hands and the machine. Moreover, the self-wicking seat cover and adjustable five point harness help your child stay dry and secure.


One of the valuable strollers that turn into bassinets allows your infant to sleep or have tummy time with a ergonomic position seat that can entirely be lying down—designed for a pleasant and secure ride. This classic bassinet stroller compasses an infant car seat that can accommodate 5 to 30 pounds, while the stroller can bear toddlers up to 50 pounds.


Most parents wonder can a baby sleep in a bassinet overnight? 5-in-1 multiple functions will give an affordable solution for your moving-out needs. Its convertible reclining seat provides your newborn baby with a homely bassinet mode, flat place. You can use this everlasting stroller as a traditional stroller with the increasing needs as your baby grows. Maxi Cosi offers a bunch of riding options with multiple recline positions.

Other features

Additional features include a micro 30 vast storage basket that makes your ride organized and pleasant by keeping every needed item with you on the roads ahead. Moreover, the Cozi-Dozi head insert provides extra support for the infant’s head while its expendable sunshade with a peek-a-boo window will let your tiny tot away from the harmful sun rays and allow you to have a close check on him.

Reasons to Buy
  • Side impact protection.
  • Reversible carriage and stroller mode.
  • Lightweight
  • Self-standing after the fold.
  • Easy reclining adjustments.
  • Expendable mesh canopy.
  • swivel wheels
Reasons to Avoid
  • Little wider
  • Quality is not up to the desire

5. INFANS 2 in 1 Baby Stroller

Dimensions when open 37” x 18” x 39” inches
Dimensions when folded 37” x 18” x 39” ( L x W x H )
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight21 pounds

Infans give you the best pram bassinet at the most affordable price. The 2 in 1 baby stroller with height adjustable handlebar broadens the baby’s vision and makes them comfortable while strolling around.

Product comparison

Best bassinet strollers will surely give you versatility and multiple gears. Still, it will cost an arm and leg. So, don’t you want to spend extra money on a complete traveling system with a car seat sold separately, carriage, and toddler stroller? 

Infans may give you all in one decent convertible bassinet stroller system that can adapt into the traditional stroller and a bassinet option. 


Infans 2 in 1 stroller utilize standard quality iron pipe for the main structure to build a long-lasting and sturdy convertible bassinet stroller for your newborns. The pram can carry from newborn to a 3-years old baby in a toddler seat with a 5-point safety harness to ensure the protection of your little one. The material is secure and non-toxic to provide a relaxing user experience.


Its 2 in 1 design makes it one of the best convertible strollers that turn into bassinets. The stroller reclined into a straight carriage gives your little joy some tummy time, or they may take a relaxing nap. The front wheels are crafted to rotate 360 degrees for swift-moving and changing the direction of the bassinet stroller. A button is designed on the front swivel wheels for fixed positioning, while rear wheels have a foot-activated brake. Shock absorbers are attached to the stroller’s rotation to give your baby an even ride, making it not only an all-terrain bassinet stroller but a stroller that can move swiftly on all types of roads.


Best cheap bassinet strollers will give your newborn support for resting their head and having a comfy safe sleep space. The bassinet can be accustomed to three modes to let the infant lie, sitting or another positioning along with an adjustable backrest. You can easily fold this portable babe stroller when not in use. The cheap bassinet stroller is baby safe and foldable as well for space-saving. Additionally, you can reverse the stroller in both directions to meet your desires.

Other additional features

An expendable canopy is given in Infans stroller to prevent sun rays and keep your baby safe from pollution and dust, with a net window for ventilation and keeping an eye on the little one. You’ll also like its deep and vast storage basket as it can make your essentials organized on the trip. A cup holder is a bonus to hold your cups or your baby’s water bottles.

Reasons to Buy
  • Best affordable bassinet stroller.
  • 360 rotating wheels with shock absorber
  • Cupholder
  • Removable and large canopy for newborn baby
  • Multifunctional
  • Reversible parent holding adjustable handlebar
  • Easy to fold new bassinet stroller
  • Available in trendy colors
Reasons to Avoid
  • Quality is not desirable.
  • The basket is hard to reach for diaper bag
  • Assembling is difficult.

6. BABY JOY Baby Stroller

Dimensions when open ‎37 x 15 x 43 inches
Dimensions when folded 22” x 15” x 43”
Maximum Child weight33 pounds
Stroller Weight22 pounds

Now walk out with your tiny in style with Baby joy Convertible Carriage Bassinet to Stroller. 

Product Comparison

Baby joy bassinet stroller brings you a unique and innovative feature of a pushchair with a foot cover to provide your infant warmth so that they feel at home in cold weather. Whereas, during summer, you can remove the foot cover and let your baby enjoy the summer breeze. If you are wondering, can you use stroller bassinet for sleeping? Then with this bassinet stroller, it is possible.


You’ll admire its durable and lasting construction as it is built by a solid but light-weighted aluminum frame. At the same time, a wearable & breathable Oxford cover can halt sun rays and chilly rains from your toddlers.


Some parents wonder. Do i need a bassinet stroller? You will feel safe and satisfied with the little one when you go out with lockable and shockproof wheels. You can easily ride the bassinet stroller with foot-operated brakes. Its compact design can fold easily for holding while not in use. The handling bar is cushioned for tight grip with a soft sense of touch. Breathable cushioned seat with a 5-point safety harness and lean-adjustable sleeping baby cushion allowing your babies to have cozy sleeping.


Baby joy can adapt into a newborn bassinet stroller allowing your tiny have a comfy nap in its foot cover bed. The adjustable backrest of this stroller meets your baby’s different needs to sleep, sit or lean. With its alterable seat, you can have a watch on your newborn, and if your toddler wants to see the landscape, you can reverse the seat single handedly.

Additional accessories

An adjustable hood with a net window will give you the satisfaction of having a check on your newborn baby while providing them a decent shed. You can also appreciate its subsidiary feature of a large storage basket for carrying your on-the-go items securely like a diaper bag. Furthermore, don’t forget the cup holder, a valuable add-on.

Reasons to Buy
  • bassinet strollers safe Warm footmuffs
  • Adjustable canopy with toddler seat
  • Large storage basket
  • Durable and sturdy baby strollers
  • Favorite bassinet stroller
  • Lockable and shockproof wheels
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not enough padding for a bassinet
  • Difficult assembling.

7. Joovy Qool Stroller

Dimensions when open 39.96 x 24.8 x 40.16 inches
Dimensions when folded22” x 15” x 43”
Maximum Child weight55 pounds
Stroller Weight30.6 pounds

The Joovy Qool bassinet stroler will grow as your family grows. You will be amazed by its configuration, which can accommodate up to three kids simultaneously.

Product comparison

Joovy Qool is more pricey than Graco and Evenflo, but it will surely be worth your money if you are parents of two kids. serve as a double stroller, Its adaptor allows you to carry two-child even three altogether. So pricey yet affordable than Uppa and other brands offering the same dual bassinet strollers adaptable modes at a much higher price. 


Now, enjoy the ride with a stylish Joovy Qool best bassinet stroller. Its premium leatherette parent handles look elegant also give you a rigid grip on the stroller. Its rubble wheels allow you to ride a stroller smoothly and effortlessly on all terrain with a sense of protection due to its one-step parking brake. A bassinet and second seat are padded with breathable mesh fabric giving your tiny a cozy bed for a better nap on the road.


You will love its adaptable and insightful double stroller design and chick colors. It has the potential to carry not only double but triple kids all together with comfort on one platform. You can personalize the parent bar according to your height. 


 Its unique multifunctional design will give a delightful experience of going out with your babies. The best stroller converts to bassinet since it can provide maximum lean adjustment. The 4 configurations with reversible seat options and high and low adjustment parent bar make Joovy more adaptable.

Additional Accessories

Other accessories include an expendable canopy that gives the maximum shade to your tiny, and its mesh window allows you to keep an eye on the kid. The mighty storage basket will let you organize diaper bags, toys, or all your trip items without hassle. Adapters are also given for bassinet, bench seat, and car seat attachment.

Reasons to Buy
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Best quality.
  • Superb multifunctionality.
  • Shock absorber protection.
  • Trendy colors
  • Rubber wheels allow a smooth ride
Reasons to Avoid
  • Attachable accessories are sold separately.
  • Backbench is a little low for tall kids.

Buying Guide: Best Bassinet Strollers

Being a mother, I can relate to problems while purchasing a long-run item for newborns; from their durability to the comfort and protection, it all matter’s a lot.

We are freaking out which decision will give our newborns or infants the best outcomes. After reviewing tons of bassinet traveling systems and using the one, I can suggest the best way to choose the right one for you.


How to choose the best baby strollers with bassinet?

Many factors are involved in selecting the perfect traveling system for the roads ahead. It will depend on the need of the family as well. If you are a new parent, you must shortlist the strollers that convert to a bassinet that meets your infant’s requirements. Other things you may consider for making the optimal decision are:


Safety standards for Design and quality

You should pay attention to the comfort of the bassinet mattress and its overall space. The bed must be equipped with mesh padding to provide a homely feeling to your baby. Snug padding protects your tiny from crashes and gives their delicate body gentle support. Must look for a breathable and soft bed that will keep the baby calm, relaxed, and prevent choking hazard.

Do you need a bassinet for stroller? The overall design of the bassinet stroller is fundamental. Bassinet stroller is a longterm investment, as it will provide your tiny tot protection against bumpy roads in nap time. It should be an all-terrain bassinet stroller that will give you and your child a sense of safety with its shock-absorbing design and foot-break system. It should also be the best strollers that turn into bassinets with simple recline reversible seat.


Since mostly the best convertible strollers are available at sky-high prices. You must evaluate the price tag in terms of its overall features before trying.


In strollers with a bassinet attachment, their versatility is a must. For the comfy nap time of your babe, you need to know whether the stroller seat is adaptable to lean down flat perfectly or not like a firm surface. With the semi-reclined positioning, your babe will lay with the head upright, providing support to the soft neck, yet they will be able to look at you or the landscapes. It should also provide the best parent handling bar adjustments that could be set low, high, forward, and backward-facing.

Other Accessories

Can baby sleep in bassinet stroller? Yes, when you don’t let go of the other small attribute as they may bother you after some time. The canopy is wide enough to provide a good shed and protection from the sun and firm to stand upright in windy and stormy weather. Some storage baskets are too low to reach.

Also, look at the height and space of the basket when buying strollers with bassinets to set all needed items securely during your long journeys, run errands and shopping at the malls. 

Final Verdict

So, long story short, the best Bassinet traveling system with the most positive reviews and meets the above-given criteria is Graco Modes Pramette Travel System. The Stroller system includes 35 infant car seats, snack trays, and Cup or phone holder.

Value for money

It is the most adaptable and affordable stroller bassinet that can hold weight up to 33 pounds.

You and your babe will love the mesh padded separate bassinet. At the same time, its adjustable 5 point harness will give support and comfort to these adorable little creatures on a bumpy road. Your baby will feel at home on its flat soft bed and have a good nap.

Overall features

Graco is a complete all-rounder best bassinet stroller with quality and stability it could give you all at once. Most strollers claim to be versatile, but not all provide quality results. Graco is the most versatile bassinet stroller with the best reviews and parents’ satisfaction. You’ll get maximum protection on long journeys and run errands through its shock-absorbing wheels and foot brake system.

Indeed, you will never regret your purchase after reading the buying guide thoroughly. Now the last decision is yours. Happy shopping! 

Parents Also Ask

Can a baby sleep in a bassinet overnight?

UPPA Vista V2 Stroller bassinet approved for baby sleep, but not all bassinet strollers are. They offer a safe place for your baby to nap and are perfect for long-distance strolling. 

How long to use stroller bassinet?

A bassinet is a good option for babies younger than three months. Babies cannot hold their heads until they’re about 20 pounds and can push up or rollover. Most children reach this weight limit around six months of Age. Once a baby reaches this milestone, they should be moved into a seat. If the bassinet is uncomfortable for your baby, consider buying an additional seat or carrier for the bassinet.

How do I transition my baby from bassinet to crib?

Transitioning a baby from a bassinet to a crib can be tricky, but it is usually not difficult. Although some babies may transition easily, others may take longer. Be ready for some bumps along the way. Try a few different methods and be patient. Your baby will grow to love the new sleeping environment and be comfortable in it. Here are some tips that will make the transition easier for everyone.

What age should a baby stop sleeping in the bassinet?

A bassinet is a safe place for a newborn. When the baby starts rolling over and pulling up, it’s time to move on to a crib. According to the AAP, the maximum Age to use a bassinet for overnight sleeping is six months.

Is the stroller bassinet safe for sleeping?

Stroller bassinets are optional accessories for baby strollers that offer comfort and safety features. Babies should be placed in a flat position for maximum comfort, and the bassinet attachment attaches with a click. They also prevent suffocation, the number one cause of infant deaths in the United States.