10 Best Playpens For Babies

Do you need a baby playpen?

Finding the best place may be challenging because kids are unpredictable, impulsive, and grow swiftly. In three to four months, they start rolling and begin to crawl, toddle, and walk by the time they reach six to twelve months. They need your attention and some baby play gates.

A good baby safety fence is a perfect space where you can entertain your little ones in a confined area with their favorite toys. And meanwhile, you can have a hands-free moment to complete your house chores or take a shower or enjoy a warm meal in tranquility after a day long.

In this article, you can effortlessly find the ten best playpens for babies, which are reviewed based on construction, material, portability, and safety in detail by our expert moms and surveys. You can select any of these playpens for your baby.

What is a playpen, and when to use a playpen for a baby? 

A pack and play provide an invaluable enclosed spot where you can keep your baby safe and confined to one area. It is inevitable when they start to move independently by themselves.

A portable playpen for babies eliminates your worry about running after your crawling or scooting baby around the floor in the entire room. Toddlers can rest and play with their toys without boredom by staying in a limited space.

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Baby playpens are considered to be the best baby fences indoors to have. You can also use them outdoors, such as in the backyard, at the beach, at the park, and for travel. They are made with breathable material and provide visibility with mesh sides. So, you can keep an eye on your child from the outside. A complete guide on how to clean a pack and play?

What benefits do you have with a baby fence?

Play yards are generally made from plastic, metal, or wood. These baby products give a safe and secure place for your baby’s entertainment and rest. Are playpens safe for newborns ?There are many benefits of having a suitable playpen with a baby gate for your child:

  • Mostly they are light in weight and can quickly move from one room to another.  
  • However, parents need to avoid confining their kids in the playpen for extended periods as it may prevent essential exploration of their child’s surroundings.
  • They are travel friendly; you can carry a folding baby playpen with separate panels.
  • Various best baby fences indoors come with baby gates, changing tables, removable bassinets, and organizer pockets.
  • Therefore, without any further ado, scroll through the best baby play fences list.

10 Best Playpens for Babies

Lotus Travel Crib

Guava Family has designed this crib impressively that offers ultimate simplicity with portability. It lets the parents live life efficiently and smartly. Proper planning is required when you want to go out with your baby.

This Lotus Travel Crib is small and lightest among all the best playpens for babies on the list. Therefore, it makes your journey significantly fabulous. It is the only playpen certified with GREENGUARD GOLD for non-toxic chemical emissions. It is free from PVC, lead, heavy metals, etc.

Let’s have a scrutiny of the critical features of this crib:

How to use a baby playpen?

Are you stumped in setting up a playpen before? Then luckily, this crib requires no such puzzle skills to set it up. You can easily open it within 2 minutes, making it much more versatile. But that is always not the case when folding it up. After opening, the next step is to do six Velcro tabs on the playpen mat with the bottom. And voila!

One side zipper baby gate

The lotus travel crib has 25.5 inches tall mesh windows. These windows offer excellent visibility, durability, and breathable airflow. Its unique zipper door on one side extends the play part for the crawling baby. Moreover, it allows parents to cuddle or put the baby inside the crib without bending over the playpen top.

Backpack style carrying case

It is the best foldable playpen for babies while traveling. It comes with a hands-free backpack-style bag with comfortable straps. That makes carrying a baby and other luggage easy for parents. Dads and moms can go alone on adventures with their dear ones.

Final verdict:

It comes in a travel-friendly weight. Therefore, it is unproblematic while cleaning. However, it grows with your child and is suitable between newborn to toddler age.

Reasons to Buy
  • Supportive and thick mattress
  • Give UV protection
  • Quickly dry
  • Eco-healthy
  • It weighs only 13 pounds.
  • Easy assembly
Reasons to Avoid
  • Velcro arrangement can get better
  • Bit pricey

Joovy Room²-Playard

The Joovy Room2 Playard is space-saving and more reliable than others for twin babies. It can replace two separate baby spaces, so you only need this in place of four diaper-changing stations or bassinets!

Joovy’s Room2 is an enormous playpen that can accommodate up to two children and comes in black or graphite colors, making it perfect for twins. With ten square feet of space per infant (or baby), this workhorse will keep your kids entertained while you go about the business of running an empire!

Durable and modern construction

Joovy’s Room2 is sleek, compact, and built for endurance. The playpen features a neutral color design that adds value to your modern home decor and is made of heavy-duty fabric, which will last you through many baby seasons!

It has a firm yet comfortable waterproof cotton playpen mat. It is smooth, padded, dry, and tidy when in contact with baby skin. This playpen mat has holes for Velcro attachment straps in the corners. It can hold multiple kids at one time and be fitted comfortably in the playpen.

Stronger mesh windows

Moreover, its rugged mesh windows on four sides are vital enough to carry your child’s weight for up to 3 years. It provides 360-degree visibility from in and out. Therefore, you can see your baby’s activity besides your work.

playing space

kids need more space when they grow as they explore new things. Joovy Room2 provides fifty percent more space than traditional playpens. You can relax even if you have twins because this is the best baby play fence on our list of best play yards.

But with all great things, where it offers more space with a big enough frame, it comes with greater weight than average playpens. It makes it challenging to carry during traveling as it becomes heavier. Although, this playpen includes a travel bag and can be folded just like another folding baby playpen. However, I suggest you limit the use of the playpen for an excessive time as it may negatively affect the learning patterns of your children.

Final verdict:

Motherhood is the most incredible job in existence, but it has drawbacks. For moms who want to get some me-time or need an extra pair of hands for a daycare pickup and drop-off session – this baby pack-n-play provides you peace while giving your child ample room from birth through toddlerhood!

Reasons to Buy
  • The fitted playpen mat is machine washable.
  • Work well indoors and outdoors.
  • Includes a waterproof sheet
  • Playpen Weight: 29.6 pounds.
  • Easy-to-use product
  • The generous size of 39.8 x 31 x 39.8 inches
  • Great supportive high-quality wheels
  • Twin nursery option
Reasons to Avoid
  • It is weightier than others and not easily portable while traveling.
  • Thin padded playpen sheet

Delta Children Play Yard

Many parents are obsessed with this 36×36 inches squared Delta Children Play Yard. It has an affordable price, generous size, great portability, and superior construction quality. It is one of the excellent options for your baby to have fuss-free nap time. Moreover, your baby will have two options in themes: safari and jungle.

Compact and reliable

The best playpen for small spaces is this 3 in1 foldable portable playspot. It’s compact and durable. Moreover, easily folds up so you can store it without trouble.

Is playpen good for baby? The Delta children’s playpen is a great choice if you’re heading out on an adventure with your kids. This sturdy frame can hold up against sharp objects and provides soft material that will be safe for their little fingers while they explore all over it!

Delta Children Play yards provide a safe room for your kid’s roaming. It comes with a dazzlingly colored plush playpen mat for the floor with adequate padding for super baby comfort. Parents can utilize its floor mat for baby tummy time as well. It will help your baby to reduce colic, gas, and reflux.

Unique colors and cheerful characters

Delta’s Play Yard is more enjoyable for kids who start recognizing colors and characters. Its festive animal decorations can be fun for kids up to 30 pounds and 35 inches tall. Be careful when your kid can climb out and stop using this playpen.

Besides this, it has strong mesh windows that provide excellent airflow and do not hinder a parent’s ability to view from the outside and a child’s view from the inside.

Easy to assemble and clean

The Folding baby playpen is a durable fabric that can be wiped for minor spills or washed thoroughly. It has an elegant, luxury mat that is also machine-washable to keep your precious bundle of joy’s dignity intact after they’ve spent some time sleeping and eating in it!

Final verdict

Hence, do not wonder about this best playpen for small spaces. When you have tiny houses, this playpen is all that you need. Selecting this fun and portable playpen can make your parenting roller coaster journey much smoother.

Reasons to Buy
  • Huge than other playpens
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easily to clean and wash
  • It comes with a travel bag.
  • Unisex Design
  • JMPA certified
Reasons to Avoid
  • Must have support underneath the playpen mat
  • Little heavier for traveling
  • Can have supported wheels for movement
  • Need to thicken the floor sheet

Century Play On 2-in-1 Playard

If you’re looking for a way to save on space while still providing your little one safety, this playard may be just what she needs. Made from recycled materials and offering three color choices: purple (for girls), blue or grey – perfect for whichever gender they prefer!

Unique zippered door

Do you need a playpen for baby? perfect for newborns to toddlers, this is the best play yard fence. It is creatively made, has a simple set-up, and grows with a child. This play pen has a zippered baby gate that makes it easy for crawling babies to have a free-play mode in and out. It is only 1 to 2 inches above the floor, safe for your baby.

Breathable fabric

Century Play On 2-in-1Playard is crafted with machine washable, breathable and recycled plastic. It is environmentally friendly. Mesh windows are provided on three sides for kids to have a clear outside view. On the fourth side is a mountain scene, where you can attach toys.

Compact fold

This little cube allows your baby to have fun with two removable cute toys: a cloud and an airplane. Therefore, it reduces your baby’s need to carry other toys for adventures. Moreover, it comes with a certified cushion mattress.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best modern baby fence, this is it! It’s more expensive than other fences but covers everything families need in one package. The mesh windows give excellent visibility into your little ones’ room while keeping them secure outside their playpen, which can be pulled inside or put away when not needed.”

Reasons to Buy
  • It comes with a carrying bag
  • Well made
  • Thick bottom mat
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive but worth it
  • Heavier than others but great for safety
  • It should have wheels for easy transportation

Graco Pack and Play Portable Playard

Among many baby playpens from Graco, this pack and play are an affordable one. Graco baby products like baby strollers are liked mainly by parents with multiple kids. Parents who already enjoyed luxurious playpens with bassinets, changing tables, and organizers with their first kid can save money now by selecting this model.

Traveling with kids is not an easy task. But this playpen makes your journey as smooth as possible. With all safety precautions, you can place your baby in this portable play yard that comes in multiple colors.

Intuitive and durable Design

It takes a bit of virtual space of 40×28.5 inches when open and compact when folded. To open or fold, it has a signature push-button by Graco, and it needs a slight push in the middle, and everything comes in its place.

It has a sturdy frame made with metal and covered with fabric. This playpen provides a storage pouch for keeping the baby’s essentials like diapers, toys, wipes, lotions, etc.

Two supported wheels

This feature is not common among other baby playpens. Graco Pack and Play Portable Playard come with two wheels, making repositioning much easier than average play yard. It can be tucked effortlessly into small spaces. Hence, it is top-rated among the best playpens for babies.

Extremely secure

The instructions for use are clear and concise, making them easy to follow. The pack-and-play bars have been padded carefully so that your baby’s safety comes first! If you notice any issues with their weight or stability when using this product, please get in touch with Graco directly as they do not recommend further usage if possible due in part because of how susceptible these units can be.”

Final verdict

This upgraded model has all the essential features your little one will need to play, but it’s still affordable. Parents can put this together and take it apart in just a few minutes without any hassle – making sure they’re always ready for action!

Reasons to Buy
  • It sits up 2 inches above the ground
  • It comes with both wheels and folding feet.
  • It has a mesh pouch for storage.
  • Lighter than others
  • It weighs 20.9 pounds.
  • Affordable price
Reasons to Avoid
  • Padding needs to be increase in the mattress, which is refined for playing but comfortable enough for sleep time.

BABY SEATER Portable Playard 

Mothers do not always have the option of a spouse nearby to look after their kiddos. And in such cases, they are busy doing indoor or outdoor chores in the backyard. They can avail themselves of the ease of this portable play pen to keep their baby in a confined area safely with a watchful eye. This best baby gear is available in three colors: pink, beige, and turquoise.

Great Manoeuvrability

The BABYSEATER Playard is constructed with a lightweight metal. So, it has excellent maneuverability. It is more significant enough for you to accompany your tot to roam around and get thoroughly entertained. When you finish your work, you can take out your kid from this play yard. And subsequently, fold it in a carrying case and simply store it away.

Safety lock

Your baby is in safe hands when in this play yard. This big Playard comes with two sturdy locks with which you can use this baby safety fence for any adventure anywhere. It is a clear playpen with big mesh windows. These windows provide excellent visibility for both the parents and the baby itself. Therefore, your tot feels secure and stays calm regardless of being scared to be placed in an unknown covered area.

Single-handed operation

The BABYSEATER portable playpen is immensely comfortable when setting and closing. It is made with such an amazing design that you can handle it with just one hand easily while you are carrying your child. Moreover, its cushioned playpen mat keeps your child secure from any harmful scratches. Also, it is water-resistant, removable, and machine washable.

Final verdict

The BABYSEATER playpen for baby boy is a parent’s dream come true. It can be assembled in seconds and quickly taken down for Storage or Travel!

Reasons to Buy
  • Hexagon shape playpen
  • Zipper baby gate for easy movement
  • Better for large spaces
  • Multiple color options
  • Pretty sturdy and long-lasting
  • Reasonably priced
  • easy storage
Reasons to Avoid
  • Slightly padded on the frame

Dream On Me Nest Portable Play Yard

This folding baby playpen is also an affordable, gender-specific option for you. It has many colors available and stylish designs to choose from. This playpen makes traveling with a baby much easier and more comfortable.

Quick fold mechanism

Like the Lotus Travel Crib, this baby playpen is made of aluminum and, thus, light in weight. It will help parents move the playard and set it according to the home decor. It only needs a few seconds to assemble, fold and store. A perfect tote bag with shoulder straps makes it easy to carry this playpen.

Modern Design

Nest’s playards are designed to help you raise your children in a safe, secure environment. The modern design of Nest Playard complements any gender-specific theme and can be used from early days until toddlerhood for the peace of mind that parents will have when they enter their child’s room!


Dream On Me is a top-rated brand for child care that meets all of the CPSC and ASTM standards. It’s reliable, safe to use with children (and adults!), and popular among parents in North America–even earning it many awards!

Final verdict

Imagine your little one’s joy when they discover their new playmate as this will encourage them to explore all sorts of things. This is why I recommend getting a Dream On me Nest portable baby playpen for any family looking into buying a safe and fun environment for their children.

Reasons to Buy
  • Need no tools to assemble.
  • Made with soft polyester fabric
  • Round corners
  • Maneuverable
  • Inexpensive
Reasons to Avoid
  • The quality of carrying bag is not great

Pamo Babe Comfortable Playard

Some parents wonder if a baby can sleep in a pack and play. Yes. Pamo Babe gives your kid a comfy spot to nap and play. But, adding an extra sheet on the bottom is recommended for an additional luxurious experience. Moreover, it is accessible in three colors: grey, blue and black.

Durable frame

This durable and well-built pack and play is an ideal option whether used inside the home or in the backyard. Besides keeping your kid in a confined area, this pack and play hold against toddler pushes.

Folding baby playpen

This playpen covers a small space when you fold it up. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding a safe space for its storage. Likewise, in a car with other luggage, you can easily manage it in the trunk or back seat.

Attached mesh pouch

Pamo Babe Playard allows you to keep child essentials like feeding bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and rattles nearby within an attached mesh pouch.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, even for the grandparents, handling this pack and play is bliss. Not so heavy with long-lasting production. It serves all the purposes of the best baby fences.

Reasons to Buy
  • Not heavy, only weighs 17.71 pounds
  • It comes with a printed mattress.
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rectangular shape
Reasons to Avoid
  • May experience horrible smell from playpen mat

Evenflo Versatile Play fence

With Evenflo baby fences, parents can have a distinct, stylish, and robust play area for their kids. Stronger than mesh windows, this best large playpen for babies has five to six panels made of plastic. You can choose multiple colors rather than cream and grey for more fun.

Easy to position

The Evenflo allows you to open and close each door panel with one hand. There is a push-lock placed on every single entry for you. Moreover, with six-panel options, you can quickly assemble it per your preference. Making it small or large depends on what space or occasion you have.

Two feet option

Due to its unique reversible legs, you can use this playpen both inside your home and on the playground. The non-scratch pads keep feet smooth when walking around in it!

Wipe clean

Evenflo play fences have no mattress to attach, therefore consuming less time in maintenance. Hassle-free cleaning is a plus point of this pack and play. It is spacious and offers an 18.5 square feet area with 28 inches tall walls than most baby fences.

Final verdict

In summary, Evenflo Play Space is ideal for kids playing time from 6 months to 2 years of age. But for outdoors only, we do not recommend it to use inside the home on hard surfaces. Because it is without a padded mattress, your kid’s fall can lead to more significant damage.

Reasons to Buy
  • No tools required
  • Weather-resistant panels
  • durable plastic joints
  • Baby gate
  • Unique hinge design
  • Washable with hands
  • Light in weight with 16.88 pounds
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not suitable for hard floors
  • Without a padded mattress inside

4moms Breeze GO Portable Travel Playard

One-handed operation, easy mobility, and a sturdy design make 4moms breeze an excellent choice for parents. The color is neutral which makes it perfect to use in any setting- boy or girl!

Waterproof mattress

Maintaining hygiene for kids is as essential as their comfort. Water-resistant mattresses are helpful for extra spills. They can be wiped out quickly with a damp cloth. Also, it does not retain any foul smell.

Ease of use

Parenting can be easier by spending some dollars. 4moms Breeze is worth your money. Convenient to open and close with just one push and pull. Moreover, moms can use this as a bedside bassinet or portable crib. Hence, it serves multiple purposes.

Large airy walls

4moms Breeze Go Playard has four large mesh windows. That not only provides a 360-degree inside/outside view but is also helpful in airflow.So, if you wonder, can a baby sleep in a pack and play? Then don’t look further. Yes, playpens are a safe place for your baby to take rest.

Final verdict

Well, this is an impressive playpen adored by many parents due to its outstanding construction and safety. However, it is the most expensive baby fence on the list.

Reasons to Buy
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Removable mattress
  • Breathable mesh
  • Sleek Design
Reasons to Avoid
  • Heavier than others with 23.2 pounds in weight
  • Expensive extra sheets
  • Lack of color options

Conclusion: best playpens for babies

The most recommended playpen is from Guava Family, which is Lotus Travel Crib for selecting the best baby play fence because it is a certified baby-safe product. Besides this, it features an efficient, quick set-up mechanism, UV protection, a unique zipper door, and a backpack-style traveling bag. All these perquisites with a reasonable price make this playpen a practical choice.

I’m confident this article covers all the necessary information to help you select the suitable playpen for your baby. However, if you feel we have missed something in our review and buying guide, you can raise your questions in the comments section.

Buying Guide: best playpens for babies

Before you settle on a certain baby playpen, also called play yards or Playard or “pack and play,” consider some contributing factors for a perfect baby fence. However, these names serve the same purpose: keeping the child in a safe, confined area.

When to use playpen for baby?

Playpens come in a variety of sizes and unique styles. But choosing the best possible playpen as per your child’s need is essential. That requires thoughtful research as well. Parents should consider playpen safety tips before choosing one for their kids.

How do I choose a baby playpen?

Let’s take a look at the playpen basics:


To make traveling convenient, you should mull over this feature is a must to have the list. 

  • The pack and play should be light in weight, foldable, and can easily be stored.
  • It must be compact when close and can be placed inside a carrying bag with helpful straps.
  • The playpen should have supporting wheels with locks that help travel or move inside the home.
  • Best baby fences create an independent play area for your child, so look for a baby gate and play yard combination.

Ease of cleaning of baby fence

A pack and play must be easy to wash and clean for the baby’s health and hygiene. Regular cleaning may prevent your child from inhaling germs. Therefore, most parents choose simple models and designs that require no complicated cleaning procedure. Also, look for eco-friendly play yards.

Estimated use

You must consider the duration of use before you purchase one. If you love outdoor adventures, feel one that is most suitable for it, like Evenflo Versatile Play Space.

Safety lock

For every parent, the safety and security of the baby are the priority. You should check for any sharp edges that could harm a baby. A double locking system is also an excellent factor when buying a play area with baby gates.

Easy to open and fold

One of the main features of this best baby fence is its ability to be managed single-handedly and in the shortest possible time. Which is a pick point for traveling with a baby.

Strong Construction

When buying a playpen, it is essential to know the building material, such as wooden, metal (steel or aluminum), plastic, etc. The Aluminium build playpens offer great sturdiness and unshakable certainty, whereas plastic playpens offer various sizes and color options. 

Size of the playpen

The recommended size of the playpen is a minimum of 20 inches in height, 1 inch padded inside the mattress, 40 inches in length, and 30 inches in width.


Most top-rated playpens start from $60 to $250. It solely depends on your budget.

Extra accessories

To entertain a baby, many playpens come with additional accessories like toys, lights, and integrated sounds. But, these are not compulsory for selecting the best baby play yard. Therefore you can skip extras.