12 Best Lightweight Baby Strollers For Travel- Strollers for airplane

Whether your baby is 6 months or above and you plan to go on a vacation. Surely it would help if you had the best lightweight travel stroller instead of full-size bulkier prams for quick errands, easy maneuvers, and folds. The traditional sturdy travel systems with bassinets and car seats ease parent’s handling of babies. But, they are heavier to carry everywhere and challenging to toss into your car trunk. 

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You need to downsize it to an umbrella stroller because many other baby essentials are impossible to miss. In such a case, best lightweight baby strollers for travel are a real game-changer to transport your baby with convenience and make your traveling as smooth as possible. To air travel stress-free with your older kids, make sure to pack:

  • Diapers
  • Diaper changing sheet
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby bottle and pacifier
  • Pre-measured formula milk in a milk container
  • Wet wipes and empty plastic bags for used diapers
  • Baby medication 
  • Hand cleanser
  • An extra set of changing clothes with a bib
  • A non-noisy toys

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12 Best Lightweight Baby Strollers For Travel

So, if you are looking for the best lightweight stroller for travel to ease up your load? Luckily, you come to the right place. When I was scheduling my trip to my parent’s home living in Colorado, I dug into many of the best lightweight all-terrain strollers on the market. 

However, there are many options for the best strollers for flying, which you can easily carry along to the airport and have a free gate-check when boarding. However, it also depends on the airline gate-check policies

What is the best lightweight baby stroller? 

A compact travel stroller is the one that is ideally designed for the parents’ on-the-go. They are smaller, durable, portable, and weigh around 10 to 15 pounds.

After folding down smoothly, you can carry this stroller in overhead compartment with a strap or in a carry bag. Both babies and their parents enjoy riding in style and make trips memorable and tired-less. It is evident the longer your child is comfortable, the better it will be for parents. 

But the convenience of compact folding and being relatively lightweight comes with some lack of exceptionally needed features. Few lightweight strollers do not offer reclining and car seat support, ample storage area, and front-wheel suspension system.

Below, we proceed to our most proper selection for the best baby umbrella strollers for travel and their considering factors.

1. UPPAbaby MINU Stroller (Best Stroller for Tall Parents)

UPPAbaby MINU is a perfect travel companion for tall parents and the best travel stroller. Either you like to go to parks, shopping malls or regular fitness walks. You don’t need to worry about carrying your baby with you. It is easy to carry on trains and buses.

Dimensions when folded 17.3″H x 25.7″W x 33.3″D.
Dimensions when open‎12.5 x 18.25 x 23.5 inches
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight15.2 pounds

This travel stroller with a compact footprint, 5-point safety harness, one-step fold mechanism, and excellent wheel suspension makes it a favorite among parents. 

Superb versatile compatibility

It is ideal for city dwellers and traveling parents. Unlike many lightweight strollers, UPPAbaby MINU Stroller smartly converts into a travel system with the attachment of infant car seats from MESA, Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, and Nuna. With the maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs, you can conveniently start using it from 3 months to 3 years. 

Moreover, if you want to use it for newborn traveling, you can buy a Birth Kit separately and attach it with the frame. It will be folded with one hand and stands on its own within a few seconds.


6 Reclining sear positions and sun canopy

UPPAbaby provides a padded seat with an adjustable 5-point harness for the baby’s comfort. As your baby grows, you can adjust the chair in any reclining position, such as napping. While riding on warm summer days, there is a sun canopy with a UV shield for added protection.

The canopy has a pop-out mesh peek-a-boo window that enables you to see your sleeping baby without interruption. It is a perfect big kid stroller when you have multiple children. 

Great wheel suspension and intuitive brakes

UPPAbaby MINU is not among strollers with adjustable handle height. Hence, its handlebars are covered with leather, and 41-inches from the ground makes it ideal for tall parents.  

With just 15 pounds weight, this compact stroller has a large back and small front wheels with superb agility. It makes your ride smoother on plain surfaces than bumpy roads. You can lock the wheels and press the green indicator beside the left wheel if you are inclined. And if you want to release the lock, press the red arrow with the right wheel. 

Storage basket 

The storage space is solid enough to carry 20 pounds of weighted baby items. Also, it is easily accessible from both front and back. A small storage pouch on the back of the seat is also given to keep your wallet, keys, and phone. 

Reasons to Buy
  • It comes with a storage bag
  • High quality and durable aluminum built frame
  • Ultra-compact size
  • It fits well in overhead bin on airplanes
  • Vast color availability
  • multi position recline
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lack of adjustable handlebar
  • Not suitable for off roads

Final Verdict

In short, this travel stroller gives you great functionality in a small and compact size. Investing in this stroller is gratifying for parents who travel a lot, at least in the baby’s first few years.

2. Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller (Best Stroller for short moms) 

Dimensions when folded16″H x 11.5″W x 43″D.
Dimensions when open27.5 x 20 x 40 inches
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight17.65 pounds

The best compact travel stroller we can say is quality and ease of use. Unlike other best umbrella strollers, this stroller is compatible with Graco infant car seats and can be used as a complete travel system straight after your childbirth. 

This beautiful travel stroller has two handlebars in its design with a height of 39-inches. It is perfect for mommies with short and medium size but somehow may be difficult for heightened parents. 

Are you already intrigued by Graco Breaze Click Connect? You are welcome to read my review highlighting all the crucial information about this stroller and How to open Graco click connect stroller?

Multi position recline

The slim best stroller for short moms offers you a roomy seat, which is 14-inches wide, and an 18-inches seat back with a reclining mechanism. The most comfortable is the flat position for both newborn and older children who like flat surfaces for napping. 

An added perk is one push-button technology for reclining backrest. The stroller’s seat can carry a baby with a weight limit of 50 pounds. Graco adds an adjustable calf to cushion your tiny tot and nice padded leg rest.

One-handed fold and Carry handle


If you want to fold the Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, it has a red button on one side. A simple click with one hand to this lightweight all terrain stroller will automatically fold and lock the stroller in a carrying position. Graco adds a carry handle to transport the folded stroller weighing 17.65 pounds more quickly for portability. Although it is not super lightweight compared to its competitors, it is also not too heavy with added features.  

Extensive canopy and storage area

The lightweight compact stroller is well equipped with the features of full-sized strollers in a more lightweight version. The lightweight jogging stroller has an extra-large canopy that gives UV protection to your baby with a peek-a-boo window.  

Untypically, Graco Breaze Click Connect also cares for babies and your possessions for most umbrella strollers. Therefore, this travel stroller provides an ample storage area with a large storage basket with 10 pounds of weight capacity. 

Large front swivel wheels

This lightweight travel stroller is a great travel stroller for short parents. It has over-sized single pedals of 6-inches diameter with great suspension. It can carry big kids effortlessly on even surfaces and certify excellent maneuverability with the facility of a locking mechanism. But, on actual surfaces, it relatively shows the difficulty and struggles while strolling, and the brakes are also hard to engage. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Convenient multi position recline seat
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Affordable
  • Large pedals
  • Compatible with car seat
  • Detachable cup holder for parents
  • Convertible 3- or 5-point harness
  • The shelter has a Velcro cover
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lack of shoulder strap
  • The cup holder is not suitable for large bottles and Squat Sippy cups
  • Not super light in weight
  • Brakes are complicated and require force to set

Final Verdict

All in one, the Graco stroller comes within a reasonable price range and has impressive features for your growing baby that you can hardly find in small jogging strollers. Thus, a superb opportunity for avoiding heavy full-size strollers and saving money. 

3. GB Pockit Air Stroller ( Best Lightweight All-terrain Stroller for flying)

Dimensions when folded11.8″H x 7.1″W x 13.8″D.
Dimensions when open28 in x 17.5 in x 39.8 inches
Maximum Child weight55 pounds
Stroller Weight10.4 pounds

Gb Pockit stroller is a tiny solution to ease your load when traveling with older children. It is the most desirable option for a travel stroller for big kids because it is cleverly designed to fit a train luggage rack, car trunk, and airplane overhead compartment. 

However, gb pockit comes with limited features to give you the ease of portability.

Ultra-light and compact folding size

The main advantage of having this big kid stroller is its ultra-small weight of 10.4 pounds and compact size of 11.8×7.1×13.8 inches. It makes it the smallest option for the best lightweight travel strollers. Furthermore, it folds and stands in a few seconds on its own. 

Gb pockit has push-on buttons placed on the front of the handles. It collapses like no one’s on the list. And finally, a manual lock secures it. Surprisingly gives a smooth ride on different terrains. 

Easy assembly and Breathable Mesh 

The best travel stroller for flying comes in an unfolding position. If you follow instructions, you need 2 minutes to make it ready to go. You can quickly get this best stroller for under 300 dollars and save your money. The stroller seat is made with breathable fabric that soothes hot summer days.  

Adequate Storage basket

Gb Pockit air stroller does provide you storage basket with a weight limit of 11 pounds, and it is simple to access from both rear and front sides. In addition to this, it features a sunshade that does not satisfactorily fulfill the need for sun protection. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Minimal frame
  • Stylish looks
  • compact fold
  • It comes in 6 colors option
  • Comfortable seat
  • No assembly required
  • Ease of cleaning with removable seat cover
  • It can be use as a backpack
Reasons to Avoid
  • Small storage area
  • Ineffective sun visor
  • No reclining seat option
  • Stiff brakes and not foot-friendly
  • Hard to use the safety harness
  • No leg rest

Final Verdict

Needless to say, when you have to travel with multiple children and you are wondering what is the best lightweight baby stroller? well you need baby gears with minimal weight to smooth out your excursions. Therefore, with a weight capacity of 55lbs, gb pockit stroller can be the best lightweight stroller for 4 year old.

4. Evenflo Gold Stroller (best lightweight stroller for 5 year old)

Dimensions when folded13.625″H x 21.125″W x 21.25″D.
Dimensions when open33.5 x 21.12 x 40.5 inches
Maximum Child weight55 pounds
Stroller Weight17.96 pounds

If you are looking for a best travel stroller for toddler at a reasonable price, then Evenflo Gold gives you an opportunity for intelligent investment to get the best stroller under 300 dollars. With all the Luxurious touches, this best stroller for 5 year old on the market gives parents peace of mind while traveling. It is sturdily built with a stylish design. All the safety factors are intact in this lightweight travel stroller. 

One hand activation and Rotatable bumper bar

With the help of just one hand, you can begin the process of automatic folding. You can carry the travel stroller for short mom with a dual-functioning bumper bar when the stroller is folded. It will act as a carry handle. 

The added impressive feature in the Evenflo Gold stroller is the accent bumper bar. This best umbrella stroller for tall toddler is rotatable and lets your big kid go in and out quickly. This safety bumper bar helps your five-year-old hold when strolling from uneven or bumpy roads.

Compatible with infant car seat

It will be convertible in a travel system with infant car seat adapters. But mainly, you have to use the brand’s car seats. Moreover, the stroller can carry older children up to 55 pounds of the weight limit. 

Zippered storage bag and two positions canopy

Like other small strollers, it is the best stroller under 300 dollars and also provides a storage area. But the added advantage is the zip of this mesh pocket. So, your valuables and baby essentials stay safe and visible. 

This travel stroller is made of exceptionally high-quality breathable fabric. It has an attached sun canopy that is adjustable at two positions, and there is also an added peek-a-boo window. That ensures your view of a happy child.

Reasons to Buy
  • Accent bumper bar
  • Two positions adjustable footrest
  • Front suspension wheels
  • Oversized canopy
  • Great safety harness
  • Harness padded cover
Reasons to Avoid
  • Squeaky wheels
  • Does not compatible with car seats of other brands

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, it is an excellent jogger stroller with a combination of comfort and safety. It makes your trip hassle-free.

5. Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller (best stroller for petite mom) 

Dimensions when folded44″H x 10″W x 10.5″D.
Dimensions when open44.1 x 7.6 x 8.3 inches
Maximum Child weight45 pounds
Stroller Weight11 pounds

It is another umbrella-style baby best stroller for short moms with premium features like high-end umbrella strollers but available at a super affordable price. You are a regular visitor to your family in diverse states and fly a lot with your toddler? This best travel stroller 2021 helps to make your traveling bliss. 

This best travel stroller is maneuverable with one hand and effortlessly collapses. I tried this big kid stroller for my baby and found it amazingly worth my money. I’m not a tall person, so I come across this best stroller for petite moms short parents and like me at the right time. 

Ultralight frame and anti-shock wheels

Summer 3Dmini has a full-size padded seat with a simple-to-operate 5 point harness that secures your big kid pretty much from any uncertainty. The travel stroller frame is stylish and durable in black aluminum. It is recommended for babies up to 45 pounds maximum weight limit. With short handles and 11 pounds, this mommy stroller makes a more usable short parents stroller.

The lightweight all-terrain stroller perfectly rides on different surfaces. It has sturdy and shock-resistant front wheels that have an auto-lock system. You can conveniently maneuver it in the airport. You can fold it down when boarding a plane or traveling on a bus. It will lock automatically and get a 10x44x10.5 dimension. 

Adjustable UV-protected canopy 

The sun canopy is removable, extra-large, and helpful when strolling uphill facing the sun. It also protects from harmful sun rays when you flip out the sun visor with UV protection. Summer 3Dmini is an excellent among travel strollers for 5 year old for outings, trips, and adventures. 

Secure reclining seat

For support to your baby’s neck, while napping, this stroller features multiple reclining seat positions. However, this best travel stroller is ideal to ride with babies from 6 months onwards who can independently support their neck. 

But, this feature lets your baby transit from one sitting position to another without disturbance. Moreover, the flat part of the seat also accommodates you to change diapers wherever you are.

Reasons to Buy
  • Dual parent cup holders
  • Fabric storage space with zip lock
  • Durable
  • Trouble-free cleaning
  • Lockable rear wheels
  • Three colors availability
  • Ideal for big kids
  • Multiple reclining seat positions
Reasons to Avoid
  • No adjustable leg rest
  • The latch is 1-inches extended and does not support a tight locking position

Final Verdict

In summary, it will be worth your addition to baby’s gear as this compact stroller satisfies you completely with design and performance.

6. Century Stroll On 4-Wheel Lightweight Stroller (Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Toddler) 

Dimensions when folded32″H x 25″W x 11″D.
Dimensions when open34 x 24.37 x 40
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight15 pounds

If you are a parent on the go and need a stroller? then you can pick this pram with you to carry your tall toddler for a comfortable ride. It is an ultra-light stroller with 15 pounds of weight. Therefore, this best lightweight baby stroller for travel does not occupy much space with your luggage when running errands. 

Multi position Recline seat 


The essential requirement of any best travel stroller is that the seat can lean back. It has a padded seat with multiple recline positions adjustability. You are ideally used as a big kid stroller with a weight capacity of 50 pounds. You can also make it a complete travel system with 35 Carry On car seats. 

Added Snack Tray

You can have a mealtime for your older children while strolling with the perk of a snack tray. This best lightweight stroller for 4 year old has a place for a cup holder to cater to your baby’s Sippy cup. Thus, I find it the best among compact strollers for tall parents as well. In addition to this, it also features a large canopy to protect from light to your kid. 

Self Standing Fold 

If there is no support for your travel stroller, no problem. It has a sleek design, folds tiny, and can be stored anywhere within a bit of space. Moreover, it has a storage area for keeping a baby bag and a little toy. 

Reasons to Buy
  • It comes with peek a boo window
  • Four lockable wheels
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Large canopy
  • Eco-friendly
  • cup holder
Reasons to Avoid
  • No shock absorption

Final Verdict

In short, this travel stroller is ultra-compact and the best umbrella stroller for tall toddler for going to parks, beaches, and shopping malls.

7. Kolcraft – Cloud Plus Stroller (best lightweight stroller for 4 year old)

Dimensions when folded18″H x 31.25″W x 34″D.
Dimensions when open31.25 x 18 x 39 inches
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight11.8 pounds

If you don’t want to miss any baby essentials on your trip, then you can go perfectly with this intelligent best travel stroller for 5 year old with only 12 pounds of weight. It has all the best features you like to have in your everyday use budget-friendly baby pram. However, it requires some improvement on wheels.

2 Convenient Trays 

Parents can make their tour more fun with the two helpful cup holders trays. One removable child tray caters to your big kid with a weight limit of 50 lbs for munching, and the other one is a cup holder tray for parents. Many travel strollers for 5 year old on the list do not provide this user-friendly advantage in this travel stroller. Therefore, you can smoothly ride with your big kid free of hands. 

Large storage basket and three-tier sun canopy

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller has the largest storage area made of mesh fabric. It provides ample space for keeping baby bags and your valuables. Moreover, it is deep and without difficulty accessible from the back. 

This compact best lightweight all terrain stroller has medium size canopy with a peek-a-boo window. But the window is placed in such a place that negates the purpose of having a shelter. And, it simply exposes the baby to sun rays.  

Multi reclining seat 

The best lightweight compact baby stroller features a reclining seat with just one hand but does not have much padding for the comfort of a bay. The seat has a 12.5-inches width with a leg rest that is not adjustable. 

The back of the seat has a thin removable rigged plastic piece for giving shape and stability. Further, it has a 5-point harness for baby safety, but the strap adjustment is problematic. 

All-terrain wheels with stand-alone folding frame

Koolcraft Cloud can stand alone after folding with one hand and a manual lock. This mommy stroller has a folding red lock lever in the center of the adjustable handlebar, which makes strolling awkward. 

The wheels of this compact stroller have double action brakes but are stiff to operate. Moreover, the spins are claimed for all-terrain use but made of plastic instead of rubber. It causes them to wobble when strolling on gravel roads. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy foldable
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Suitable for the kid of max 40 inches height
  • Easy assembly
  • Easily accessible storage space
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not compatible with infant car seat
  • Poor quality as compared to its competitors
  • Stiff brakes make it difficult to maneuver
  • Parents console is a weird placement
  • No adjustable handlebar
  • Loose seat straps
  • Plastic wheels did not work on all terrains
  • Not adjustable leg rest

Final Verdict

It can be the best lightweight all-terrain stroller if the wheels improve for a smooth ride. In short, not a good stroller among strollers for 5 year old in terms of quality and breathability.

8. Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller (best lightweight all terrain stroller)

Dimensions when folded9.6″H x 19.55″W x 21.5″D.
Dimensions when open22 x 19 x 9 inches
Maximum Child weight44 pounds
Stroller Weight13.23 pounds

If you want the best stroller under 300 dollars that is allowed to carry on airplanes? This compact stroller is what all want to travel. It comes with a travel carry bag and an additional shoulder strap to take it along when your bid kid likes to walk. 

Adequate padded recline seat

The lightweight jogging stroller with only 13.3 pounds on this list is the Nano buggy. It has a padded seat for cushioning your toddler for a longer time. It has one push-button for the reclining function of the seat. You can pick this small, sturdy, best travel stroller when compactness is your priority. But when to fold Mountain Buggy Nano, unlike other competitors, it does not collapse independently but requires a two-hand fold. And, it has needed to be locked manually to stand alone. 

Harness with rethread adjustability

The Nano has a rethreaded harness, which is comparatively easy to operate according to the child’s size. This big kid stroller is recommended to use for children under 44 pounds. The straps are also amenable and need to fit on one buckle. This makes your child’s protection at best. The stroller’s weight shows versatile compatibility with many infant car seats. 

Great manoeuvrability 

This well-built stroller with good wheel suspension on uneven roads is an ideal buggy for older children. On the front, it features single wheels, which alone perform outstandingly better than many other strollers’ dual front wheels. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Easy-to-navigate wheels
  • Nicely placed footrest
  • Excellent storage space
Reasons to Avoid
  • The carry strap is not long enough for the shoulder
  • The storage basket is difficult to access

Final Verdict

In summary, this best stroller for tall parents is an ideal pick for off-roads with a leap in compactness and lightweight. In terms of material and functions, it is the most durable piece compared to other versions of Nano.

9. Joolz AER – Premium Baby Stroller (best umbrella stroller for tall toddler)

Dimensions when folded8.5″H x 17.7″W x 21″D.
Dimensions when open32.7 x 17.7 x 41.5 inches
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight13.4 pounds

If you are looking for compact travel strollers that are smooth running, comfortable, and lightweight, Joolz AER has got you already. With its magnificent features, Joolz will leave you in awe while you drive your baby in the park or roadside with six eye-catching colors. 

Remarkable comfort 

Joolz AER is among the best strollers for 5 year old. With a 21.6-inches backrest, you tall children can comfortably stroll into the buggy. It has made its seating supremely comfortable to keep your baby happy, safe and cozy in multi position. 

One-handed quick fold

At 13.4 lbs, the compact stroller size has made it easy to carry even in overhead bins in planes and fit them in the trunk of cars. It’s super convenient to fold and unfold and provides outstanding breathability to prevent sweating.

Travel bag and rain cover included 

The lightweight composition makes it a breeze for you to stay out having your tall toddlers for hours. Furthermore, super sturdy wheels and rain cover make it a go-to baby stroller for family adventures and short trips. A large storage basket for groceries and toys tends to make your life incredibly easy and comfortable. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Robust wheels with exclusive suspension
  • King size canopy with UV filter
  • Adjustable straps
  • Carry shoulder strap
  • Ventilated sun hood
  • extra Large storage basket
  • 5-point harness
  • It folds in a compact handbag size
Reasons to Avoid
  • Leg rest comes separately
  • A little bit pricey

Final Verdict

In short, this is one of the best baby strollers for travel we have on our list.

10. Besrey Travel Stroller

Dimensions when folded11H x 12″W x 22″D.
Dimensions when open2.4 x 20 x 24 inches
Maximum Child weight33 pounds
Stroller Weight12.3 pounds

The stroller for big kids has a unique folding size and can be your travel partner. It has all the safety features that you can demand. The parents on the go will rave about this travel stroller with 12.3 lbs. Besrey is light in weight but not in quality and provides a durable aluminium frame to move on confidently!

It comes with a carrying bag

To make your expeditions even more accessible, the company provides you with a travel bag to save your compact stroller from dust and other messes. It stays in an upright position in a safety bag. Moreover, it comes with a rain cover to be safe from getting wet. 

Car seat compatibility

if you are looking for a stroller which is ready to use from the birth date of your little one up to 36 months. With 160-degree reclining, it allows your baby to lay down on an almost flat surface. Easy on diaper changes, isn’t it? 

360-degree swivel wheels

The wheels provide ultimate convenience and safety with a lockable mechanism on different surfaces. Whether gravel or bumpy roads, your big kids are safe with swift brakes and a harness. So, you don’t have to worry about travelling anywhere with rough roads. 

Reasons to Buy
  • 3 colours availability
  • Large adjustable canopy
  • Ample storage area
  • Roomy space
  • Multiple reclining options
  • It comes with a rain cover
  • Travel-friendly compactness
  • Double brakes
Reasons to Avoid
  • Pricier than others
  • Two-hand folded
  • Small storage space
  • The seat cover is not machine washable

Final Verdict

In short, with all premium features, you can use this stroller for everyday use and travel. It is the best stroller for under 300 dollars.

11. Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller (best lightweight travel stroller )

Dimensions when folded10.6H x 25.7″W x 31.1″D.
Dimensions when open39.5 x 25.7 x 40.6 inches
Maximum Child weight50 pounds
Stroller Weight18.8 pounds

The Baby Jogger City Mini is manufactured to fit into your lifestyle. This compact 3-wheel stroller is packed with features to meet your daily needs. At the same time, it is surprisingly lightweight, marvelously handy, and ready to go on the world.

Versatile design jogging stroller for big kid

As you bring the baby along for the trip, customize this travel stroller with the following accessories: glider board, child tray, weather shield, belly bar, bug canopy, and travel bag. It is accented with a silver frame and modernized materials in rich colors that provide a soft, tactile feel that both you and your baby will enjoy. 

One-hand compact fold

Standard jogging strollers are not suitable for everyone due to several potential drawbacks: Certain versions of best strollers are difficult to carry due to their size and weight. Many are extremely heavy, making them difficult to lift into and out of vehicles, but baby jogger city mini don’t face such a problem.

Enjoy the iconic one-hand compact fold with an auto-lock feature of the Baby Jogger City Mini 2. It has unique add-ons like adjustable calf support for your child’s growing legs with 50 pounds of weight capacity and a near-flat seat recline that lets your child stretch out and relax. therefore, it is a ideal stroller for big kids.

Front-wheel suspension

Baby jogger city mini weighs 18.8 lbs and has a pivoting front wheel for smooth riding. With air filled tires of rubber, it works perfectly on bumpy roads. A large storage basket (with access from both the front and rear) and a UV 50+ cover with a peek-a-boo window provide maximum convenience. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Come with infant car seat adaptors
  • UV 50 protected sun canopy
  • Sleek design
  • You can hand wash the pushchair’s seat
  • air filled tires
Reasons to Avoid
  • Some parents find it hard to access storage basket
  • Parent console not included

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, you can use The baby jogger City Mini 2 from the first day of your little one’s life. Infant car seat adapters allow you to swiftly attach any Baby Jogger’s infant car seat (sold separately) to establish a travel system.

12. CYBEX Libelle Stroller

Dimensions when folded7.9H x 12.6″W x 18.9″D.
Dimensions when open28.7 x 20.3 x 40.9 inches
Maximum Child weight55 pounds
Stroller Weight13.7 pounds

Do you have an infant or a newborn baby and want something comfortable to carry him around? Are you looking for a high-quality umbrella stroller to ensure the baby is safe on the adventurous and tricky roads? Do not worry, because CYBEX Libelle Stroller is best in this regard. 

There are some fantastic features of the CYBEX libelle stroller, and these features make it a pick worth the money.

Lean Aluminium Frame

CYBEX libelle stroller is one of its kind, and it provides you with the flexibility to carry your baby and move around quickly for a smooth ride. It is swift to fold and occupy significantly less space. The CYBEX libelle stroller is quite stylish and easy to operate, differentiating it from many other stroller brands.  With the sleek and lean design, it can carry the weight of toddlers up to 55 pounds.

Functioning recliner seat

This stroller is very compact and lightweight. It only weighs 13.7 lbs approximately. It is a perfect pick for newborn babies because it has an excellent functioning recliner that can help lay down the baby properly for a quick nap. At the same time, it can also support a CYBEX infant car seat.

Adjustable leg rest

This practical feature helps your baby lie down in a comfortable and ideal relaxing position, especially when moms are busy shopping.  

Reasons to Buy
  • Easy to move around
  • Very lightweight and quickly foldable
  • Stylish in look
  • XL size canopy with UV protection
  • Made up of quality materials
  • Compact fold and high functioning recliner
  • 5- Point harness
Reasons to Avoid
  • Need the usage of both hands to fold
  • You cannot fold it while holding the baby on your arm
  • The basket is small in size
  • No proper carry-stra

Final Verdict

CYBEX libelle stroller is a high-quality product, and you won’t regret spending money on it. It provides you the ease and flexibility to move your baby around without stressing your arms. It is the last but not the least best lightweight baby stroller for travel.

Final Conclusion: Best travel strollers

According to parents’ experiences and deep research on every bit of detail. I have considered the UPPAbaby MINU Stroller as the best lightweight stroller 2021 among all the competitors with the lightest weight, compactness, versatility in compatibility with car seats, ease of use, reclining back, and many other impressive features.  However, with the difference in weight, you can consider other baby strollers as per your requirement.

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Buying guide: Best travel strollers of 2022

How can you choose the best lightweight baby stroller for travel?

Considering the plethora of travel strollers will be overwhelming, selecting the best baby stroller for travel will make your trip with a bit of toddler a lot easier and easier. A travel stroller should be easy to carry with you on tours and prove to be an excellent and comfy spot for your baby. 

So, our experts say whats worth considering makes a stroller ideal for travel? And what is the best lightweight baby stroller?

Weight of the travel stroller

It would be best if you were looking for a everyday stroller. Because might be during travel you have to lift your stroller to the cab or on the conveyor belt in the airport. So, if it is light in weight, it will reduce your total luggage burden. And you can hold it easily with a carry handle or in a carry bag. 

The compactness of the travel strollers fold

When folded, the travel stroller must require small space for storage when you have limited space for luggage especially when you air travel. In contrast, the bulkier strollers take much space and do not collapse compactly to fit in the airplane’s overhead compartment. Moreover, the folding and unfolding mechanism should be simple to operate and quickly done. 

Storage capacity

Babylist parents say additional specs is better. If your stroller has a decent storage basket underneath with a zipper to put your valuables and your baby’s essentials. Like water bottles, diapers, wipes, and diaper bag. Unlike full-size travel strollers, the umbrella stroller does not have a large storage area. 

Reclining Seat

For the baby’s comfort, the reclining of the seat is equally important. Because during travel your baby has to spend many hours in the stroller. Therefore, the stroller seat should be padded and adjustable to different positions for baby napping. 

Adjustable and removable canopy

This feature is a must-have because it will help protect your babies from direct harmful sun rays on summer days. Many travel strollers also offer peek-a-boo windows and pop-out sun visors with an extra-large canopy for sun protection.

Age of baby

It is essential to follow the weight limit of the stroller. Travel strollers usually are built to use from 6 months to 55 pounds of baby. Therefore, you should select a stroller accordingly. If you are finding a travel stroller to use for a newborn to 6 months baby, you must choose a stroller with a fully reclining seat or its compatibility with an infant car seat or bassinet. But, for a baby over six months, a partial recline seat can be used for different sitting positions.   


The stroller wheels must be solid and have a swivel function to turn around quickly on different surfaces. And there should also be a lock system for child security. Consider which characters you will use your stroller on a travel destination or during traveling. Like a flat surface or hilly area? Solid paths or cobblestones? 

If chances for riding are more than the smooth airports or shopping centers, then you must look for: 

  • Large pedals
  • Material of wheels: plastic or rubber
  • Suspension

Parents Also Ask

What kind of strollers are allowed on airplanes?

Many airlines have different gate checking policies for strollers, like American Airlines policies allow strollers within 20 pounds of the weight limit. Most of them preferred lightweight and compact fold strollers. 
Usually, a stroller with a diameter of 10-inches and a length of 36-inches in a folding position is allowed on airplanes. For gate checking your stroller, you have to tell the counter person your luggage at the time of check-in. And after gate-checking, the stroller will be delivered to you at the aircraft door when your flight ends

What stroller folds the smallest?

GB Pockit stroller is exceptionally compact, smallest, and lightest stroller as it holds Guinness World Records 2014. It folds small into a 12x7x20 inches size that is ideal to fit under a set or in the overhead bin of an airplane. It has all-terrain wheels that enable it to rise smoothly on different surfaces.

Can I use a travel stroller every day?

Yes. Travel strollers are equipped with many premiums and stable features nowadays. You can use it every day, like during shopping, sidewalks, dropping off your preschooler. Travel strollers are lightweight and convenient, making them lovable for everyday use.