How To Remove Poop Stains From Baby Clothes? ( Best way)

Parenting is a challenging phase of life; those who are blessed to be a parent will surely agree. At every stage of babies’ development, mothers must overcome little milestones from feeding sleeping to cleaning babies.  

However, many of you must also have experienced a nettlesome poop blowout, especially at the 11th hour when you are ready to go from home. Instantly, two things come into your mind: first, the replacement of stained poop cloths with fresh ones, and secondly, how to remove poop stains from baby clothes. 


No matter your child is wearing cloth diapers or disposable diapers. A massive pile of poop from the blowout ruins every single cloth your child is wearing at that time.

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So, we came up with this article explaining some useful cleaning hacks gained from many practiced moms that you can imply to clean poop stains from clothes, swaddles, baby blankets, baby sacks, sofas, and even carpets. Yes, at the time of hurry!

How do you get baby poop stains out of clothes naturally?

A tip: using cloth diapers is considered best practice to avoid messes from poop blowout. Its elastic grip around the bottom prevents thin poop from coming out!

The best possible way to how to remove poop stains from baby clothes?

Removing cranky poop stains from babies’ clothes is a daunting task. But cleaning baby clothes by following these effective poop stain removal method step by step, you can get rid of the poop stains quickly with the help of non-toxic cleaning products. And get soft, fresh, and kind clothes back. 

1. Wipe off messy baby poop as much as possible first

You need to remove all the poop traces from your baby’s cloth. You can use plastic bags for trashing poop into the bin. Or direct scrub away into the toilet.  Then, keep it under running water for some time. Rinse well from both sides. Please don’t leave it till your laundry day because it will be complicated for you to remove the yellow stain that will stick to the clothes fibers.

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2. Put baby clothes in hot water

Hot or cold water for poop stains? After removing all the traces, soak your baby’s cloth in warm water for an hour. It will help you eliminate the stain of baby poop out of clothes without scrubbing it hard and save your energy.

3. Apply any of the following stain removers for baby poop stains

When choosing between natural or unnatural (synthetic) products for washing baby clothes with poop stains, mothers are majorly concerned about their child’s skin. They don’t want to use that harmful aid of bleach for their baby’s clothes which may cause any skin allergy. Alternatively, you can try natural ways to how to remove yellow poop stains from baby clothes. You can use the best stain remover for baby poop.


Natural stain removers: lemon and vinegar

will vinegar remove poop stains? You can directly squeeze the lemon or vinegar into the target area where the poop stain is or you can make a solution of a lemon juice and water . If you think the acidic effect of lemon may fade the colors of your baby’s clothes. 

DIY stain removers homemade: 

Does baking soda remove poop stains? Suppose you don’t want to spend your money on stain remover out there in the market, which also may be harmful to your baby’s skin. In that case, you can make your stain remover at home for removing poop stains from baby clothes, and for the making of this, all you need is readily available ingredients in your home, such as dish wash, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. 

Add two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of baking soda, and dish wash mix it well. Add some water for a good consistency. After that, add the mixture into the spray bottle, which helps you apply the stain remover directly to the affected area. It is helpful for you to remove any stains other than poop, such as spilled milk. 

Synthetic Stain removers

Many stain removers to remove poop stains are accessible in the market that claims to be non-toxic for your baby’s skin, such as Hate Stains Co., Stain Remover for Clothes, and OxiClean White Revive. You can treat the poop stains from the clothes with these commercial removers.

4. Check care label for maximum wash temperature

Apply any stain remover whether you use natural remedies or a fabric cleaner. Apply it and sit for 4 to 5 minutes. After that, scrub the affected area with a silicon bristle brush. You should use a silicone brush because regular meetings can damage your baby’s clothes and make them look pale. After scrubbing the cloth, wash it properly.


Parents must check the care label instructions on the clothes before putting them in washing for a regular cycle. It will help you know the maximum washing temperature, washing methods, and recommended cleaning products. It will help you to know how to get breastfed baby poop stains out of clothes.

5. Machine Wash Thoroughly

After going through these steps, place your baby’s cloth in daily washing using the best natural baby laundry detergent

A tip: Don’t use fabric softener while washing poop clothes. It makes the removal harder. 

6. Sanitize baby’s clothes

If you run baby clothes separately in a machine, add an Antibacterial Laundry Sanitizer that will help to kill 99.9 % of viruses and other bacteria. 

7. Line-dry in the Sun

The last and essential step is to air-dry your kid’s clothes under the Sun properly. It will reduce the chances of keeping any smell of poop and pee in the clothes. 

Final Conclusion: How to get poop stains out of clothes that have been washed

In short, cleaning baby poop is an unpleasant task included in parenting, regardless of whether you have your meal or are sleeping. From 0 to 6 months, babies are always ready to call you on parenthood duty. By following the methods mentioned above, i hope now you are well aware of how to clean baby poop out of clothes and other baby accessories like blankets, swaddles and bassinets mattress covers. You can make your work easier and resort to your baby’s precious clothes instead of discarding them. 

Parents Also Ask

Can I wash baby poop clothes in a washing machine?

Don’t wait for the laundry day. Scrub the poop out of the clothes in the running cold water, then toss them in the washing machine with warm water and baby-safe cloth detergent.

What temperature should I wash soiled baby clothes?

The ideal washing temperature is 40c or 60c for soiled baby clothes. It will clean them properly and kill germs. Above then, this will set the stains and ruin the fabric’s colors and fibers. 

Do you wash baby clothes in warm or cold water?

Baby clothes mostly have tough stains of spit-ups, pee, and poop. So better to run under cold water first, then soak them stain remover. After that, you can use warm water for regular washing. This process will prevent shrinkage and color fading.