Best Organic Swaddle Blankets For Newborns & best organic muslin swaddle blankets

Swaddling is a tried and tested technique of settling a newborn to provide him with better sleep. It has been used since the ancient past. A baby spends most of his time sleeping in the starting months of life; hence keeping him in a natural and eco-friendly environment is extremely important. A baby’s skin is more delicate and absorbent than adults, restricting him from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. Therefore, One way of doing this is opting for the best organic swaddle blankets.


How many swaddles do you need for a baby?

Ensuring a baby’s safety is every parents’ topmost priority. These organic baby blankets offer your baby a safe and comfortable sleep and give you peace of mind owing to their organic and ethical production techniques. You can choose the alternates of different types of swaddles according to what suits your baby the best. 

The number of organic baby blankets you need for your newborn depends on the frequency of laundering. If you are going to do laundry weekly, you may need double the number. If you are using different types of swaddles, you might need to purchase 12 or more best organic baby swaddle blankets. 

You may need a few extras because spitting up is common among new babies. More than 50% of healthy infants will spit up during the first three months of their life. It is infant gastroesophageal reflux, a common underlying cause of spitting up.

If you consider swaddling your baby, you may be wondering how many swaddles you need for a baby. The number of swaddles you need for your newborn is dependent on the size and the age of your child.

A traditional organic cotton muslin blanket is ideal for nighttime use because it will keep your baby cozy while you are sleeping and best for child’s delicate skin. You can also purchase a swaddle sack for daytime use. The best swaddle technique It will provide warmth and comfort to your baby while giving you a good night’s sleep.

Swaddling blankets are essential items for your baby’s comfort. They are necessary for newborns, and a baby’s wardrobe should include a wide range of swaddles, including cotton and microfiber. You’ll want to purchase a few different types to prevent your newborn from getting overheated. You will also want to have several different types of swaddles on hand in case she has an unruly spitting-up.

Swaddles can also be a great option for traveling. A swaddle cloth for newborn that fits snugly on your child’s back will protect your baby’s delicate skin against rubbing and cuts. But, you also must learn 7 best approaches on how to teach baby to sleep without swaddle?


Before making a selection, you need to learn about the difference between the types of muslin swaddle blankets and the factors that play a role in helping you pick the right thing for your baby.

Types of best organic baby swaddle blankets

How many swaddles do you need for a baby also depends on the type of swaddle? Best sleep swaddle is what a parent needs to keep the baby calm and give him a healthy sleep. A wide range of swaddles is available in the market in better and more convenient versions than before. You can choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes. Below are the two main types:

Swaddle blanket

These swaddling blankets are the square-shaped cloths fabricated through cotton or Muslin. They require the traditional method of wrapping and do not include additional closures.



The advanced styles of swaddling blankets for newborn babies include sacks or wearable blankets and swaddle pods. They have made it easier for the parents to take the baby in or out of the swaddle. You need to put the baby in the sack or the pod and fasten it through zipping, Velcro wings, or hook and loop closures.

7 Best organic swaddle blankets in 2022

I have listed the best organic baby swaddle blankets based on my own practical experience after testing what material is the best for a summer baby swaddle.

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

These are lightweight, soft, and breathable fabric blends made from 100% organic cotton. They are not bleached and free from hazardous chemicals, making them less likely to cause allergies to your baby’s delicate skin.

These muslin swaddle blankets are manufactured from high-quality cotton, providing a soft touch to your baby, making him feel comfortable. So, I hope your research ends here about what material is the best for a summer swaddle blanket. These softest swaddles keep your child from overheating. These organic baby blankets act as the best sleep stroller blanket for the chil, ensuring him a safe and healthy sleep. You will find them helpful in setting your baby’s sleep patterns.

Another exciting thing about these loose blankets is their cute and colorful patterns, which are usable for both a boy and a girl. Their light and thin weave let you easily hold your swaddled baby when breastfeeding or bottle feeding. So, if you are thinking, is it ok to keep the baby swaddled while feeding? Then yes, with best organic swaddle blankets. These are one of the most comfortable and stretchy swaddles on the market.

You can wash these organic blankets as many times as needed in your washing machines, and their soft texture will remain intact. Therefore, it will also reduce your need to buy many swaddling blankets. The overall packaging of these best organic swaddle blankets is so good that you can even gift it to your loved ones without getting it wrapped with paper.

Reasons to Buy
  • Pre-washed can be used right away.
  • Beautiful patterns
  • Do not lose color and softness when machine washed
  • Great baby shower gift
  • Good value 3- pack
  • Great for summer
Reasons to Avoid
  • Thinner than you expect

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

Unlike traditional swaddles, these best organic swaddling blankets offers you varied sizes, i.e., preemie, small and large, to give your child a perfect fit. You can pick the suitable swaddle sack according to your baby’s weight. It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns that are pleasing to the eyes.

The SwaddleMe original swaddle sack is soft, organic and light, fabricated blanket with 100% organic cotton. These swaddle wraps have Velcro wings to snuggle your child safely. It protects your infant against startle reflex and provides him a secure and comfortable sleep. This best swaddle for 4 month old gives room to your child for leg movement. It is, therefore, one of the best sleep swaddles.

I find these swaddling blankets multi-functional as I sometimes cover my child with his arms free whenever he is in a mood to play with his hands. You can shift to the following Swaddleme stages of sleep when your child starts to roll over.

Reasons to Buy
  • It is washable in the machine
  • Soft and comfy
  • Accommodate according to baby’s preference of getting snuggled
  • Provides sufficient room for baby’s lower body movement
  • Budget-friendly 3-pack
Reasons to Avoid
  • I need to unwrap the child for a diaper change.
  • Loud Velcro
  • May overheat your child in the summer.

SwaddleMe Pod

SwaddleMe Pod is an excellent product for those parents who do not want to get into the wrapping process time and again as the child demands frequent diaper changes in the first few weeks. It is an easy alternative to swaddle blankets.

These good swaddle pods are not entirely organic. They are made from 93% cotton and 7% spandex. Spandex is a synthetic fiber used for creating elasticity. Since it is an artificial material, it can cause skin irritation in babies. You should not wrap the child in such a swaddle, especially if your baby is prone to allergies.

It is light and soft and works well at moderate temperatures. It is the best swaddle cloth for newborn. But for colder months, you need more warm clothes for your baby. It is a double zipper, which makes diaper change more manageable.

It is not a tightl swaddling blanket. newborns can move their arms freely, even when swaddled. So it can sometimes disturb babies who like to be tightly wrapped while sleeping, mainly at the time of the baby’s startle reflex.

Reasons to Buy
  • Tolerates machine wash
  • Allows baby’s limbs to move freely
  • Easy diaper changes
  • Useful for hot weather
Reasons to Avoid
  • It contains inorganic material.
  • It does not give a tight fit to babies, and they can move their hands freely
  • Not for long-term use as baby outgrows with time

Aden and Anais Organic Swaddle Baby Blanket

Aden Anais best swaddle blanket is a perfect blanket to wrap your child in. Manufactured with 100% organic cotton, it offers a gentle touch against your baby’s delicate skin. It does not overheat your infant but, at the same time, provides adequate warmth and comfort to give him a proper sleep.

Its unique and colorful patterns made with GOTS certified organic cotton and attracts many babies. The exciting prints are usable for both sexes. Another helpful feature of this swaddle cloth for newborn is durability. You can use it in various other ways such as table cloth, nursing covers, play mats, newborn changing mats, stroller covers, burp cloth and car seat cover etc.

You just need to learn to wrap it correctly, and then you and your child will be happy and in peace. They are extra-large swaddle blankets sufficiently wrapped around babies to toddlers. Hence it is the best swaddle for 4 month old kid. It gets softer with every wash.

I liked these best swaddle blankets so much that I gifted them to my sister’s baby, and she loved them too.

Reasons to Buy
  • Sustain texture and softness with machine wash.
  • Multipurpose blankets
  • Suitable for growing babies
  • Do not overheat
  • Large-sized blankets
Reasons to Avoid
  • It does not provide a tight fit if not appropriately swaddled.
  • Incredibly soft fabric can make it challenging to wrap a baby.

HALO Sleepsack

This Halo swaddle adjusts remarkably with the baby’s sleeping styles. A child can sleep by keeping both arms out, hands to the face, or both arms inside these velcro swaddles. It is the only organic baby blanket that is highly adjustable to your baby’s preferences. It is relaxing for a child if he can sleep the way he wants. Apart from controlling the startle reflex, this swaddle cloth for newborn helps in transitioning. You can use this organic cotton swaddle blanket as a wearable blanket, throw blanket, and nursing cover when you start making your baby learn to sleep without the swaddle.

This sleep sack is fabricated with 100% cotton. Its material is thick and warm; thus, it works great in colder months. If you want to use it in summer, you will have to provide your baby with an air conditioner. It contains an inverted zip and Velcro fasteners to ensure a tight snug for your little infant. The inverted zip makes it easier to change diapers at night without getting your baby out of the swaddle.

It gives your baby good space for lower body movement, excluding the risk of Hip Dysplasia according to International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It also reminds caregivers to make their babies sleep on their back with the “back is best” message.

You may face difficulty adjusting to the available size of a newborn. Your baby may outgrow it around two months of age. And the next available size may seem bigger for your baby.

Reasons to Buy
  • It offers a perfect fit
  • Encourage getting babies to sleep on their back
  • Remove the need for loose blankets
  • Keeps baby warm in winters
  • Turns it into a wearable sleep sack
  • It is convenient to change a diaper
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive than other swaddles
  • Size up after a newborn is enormous, i.e., loose

Love To Dream Swaddle UP

These are best organic baby blankets for newborns who like to sleep in the arms up position. It is specially designed to provide a calming effect to infants by letting them sleep in their natural place to feel content and secure. It allows babies to have a relaxing night’s sleep and day naps. The arms up posture helps decrease the risk of the baby getting upside down, hence controlling the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Babies who dislike traditional swaddles by getting their arms tucked on the sides will find this swaddle comforting. But this organic baby blanket fails to control strong startle reflexes as it is roomier and lets the child move naturally.

It is not entirely organic as it contains 7% elastane with 93% cotton. Elastane is a synthetic fiber used for elasticity. It is used in minor quantities, so it does not cause any harm. But as parents, you need to be careful of the delicacy of your baby’s skin.

Unlike many swaddling blankets, It is a two way zipper swaddle that reduces the work of unswaddling your baby and provides ease in changing a diaper. It is among the best swaddle sacks for hot weather as it consists of a single layer of breathable cotton fabric. It comes in three sizes, including newborn, small, and medium, and differs based on the baby’s weight. You can select from blue, pink or gray colors.

Reasons to Buy
  • No loose fabric to cause a suffocation hazard
  • Two-way zip, helpful in diaper changes
  • Let infants self-soothe themselves
  • Available in varied sizes
Reasons to Avoid
  • Ineffective in controlling strong startle reflex
  • infants who like to play with their hands get fussy when they fail to bring their hands near their faces due to the short length of fabric.
  • It may not work for babies who are habitual of getting swaddled tightly.

Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack 

It is a remarkable product for parents who want to transition their babies out of the swaddle. Sleep sacks very well complements your baby’s sleeping style. Your child can sleep with his arms up. That is a natural sleeping position for many babies as it allows them to self-soothe and protect against SIDS if they flip over. It is a hip-healthy design.

Sleep sacks have mittens that you can fold up if your child wants to play with his hands or fold them down to cover his hands to stop him from scratching his face. It helps both ways. It provides partial control of the startle reflex with its ¾ length sleeves, fitted snug around the chest, and less room for leg movement.

It is made up of 100% cotton that is stretchy and soft for your baby’s sensitive skin. It has a two-way zip that makes it convenient to place the infant inside and change his diaper. It is available in two sizes, small and medium.

Reasons to Buy
  • Its safe design offers peace of mind
  • Dual zipper
  • Ideal for transition
  • Low-priced
Reasons to Avoid
  • The small neck hole may cause discomfort to some babies.

Conclusion: Best organic muslin swaddle blankets

In my experience, Muslin Swaddle Blankets Unisex are the best for newborns as they provide a perfect snug fit without restricting their body movement, breathability, and softness against a baby’s sensitive skin. They are extra-large swaddle blankets that keep the baby warm and cozy, giving him a womb-like feeling so he can sleep healthily.

Well, it depends on your small baby’s preferences to sleep. How many swaddle blankets you need for infants who dislike getting their arms wrapped tightly or want to get out of swaddle soon, the Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack is undoubtedly one of the most acceptable options among the best organic baby swaddle blankets and the best organic swaddles for hot weather.

However, you can also consider Burt’s Bees baby blankets that are made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Buying guide: How many swaddles do you need for newborn?

While selecting the right swaddle wraps for your baby, consider the following factors. Choose those swaddle coth for newborn that is comfortable for your child, and keep them warm and dry. You can also purchase a swaddle with a breathable design, such as a cotton muslin swaddle blankets. A cotton swaddle will allow you to choose a lightweight one to make swaddling your baby easier. The material that is best for a summer baby swaddling depends on the climate of the place where you live. 

What material is the best for a summer baby swaddle blankets?

If you’re wondering what material is the best for a summer baby swaddle, there are a few options. Organic cotton or muslin swaddle blankets are the best swaddles for hot weather. These are popular among others as they are very breathable, soft, and comfortable for infants. You can also opt for other organic materials, such as bamboo, jersey, or flannel swaddles, considering their warmth, wicking, and durable nature.

Always remember to look for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, which guarantees the 100% organic nature of the product.

1. Bamboo is a great option, as bamboo swaddle blankets are breathable and eco-friendly, and its unique properties allow it to absorb moisture and keep babies cool. If you’re looking for a lightweight swaddle, bamboo is an excellent option. Although it is not as durable as cotton, it allows your child to breathe more easily and helps keep your child comfortable and safe. This material is also good for swaddling your newborn in the heat. The downside is that bamboo is less durable than cotton, so you’ll want to check the durability before purchasing one.

2. Organic cotton wraps are another option. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a summer baby swaddle blanket is the fabric. Many swaddles that are made from breathable muslin cotton are a great choice for warmer climates. However, some summer swaddles may be made from thicker materials, such as fleece, which can cause overheating for your child. Breathable cotton swaddle sacks will ensure that your baby’s skin stays cool and protected.

The best material for a summer baby swaddling is soft, breathable and made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Whether you decide to go with natural bamboo or organic cotton, you’ll love the eco friendly benefits of this fabric.


Swaddle baby blankets come in varied sizes. It would help if you always went for the extra large swaddle blankets. They offer a tight wrap to older babies. These organic baby blankets are later used for other purposes such as nursing covers, diaper changing mats, stroller covers, burp cloths, tummy time mats, etc.

Multiple swaddles

How many swaddles your newborn baby need? well you will need many of the best swaddling blankets for your baby. So consider buying at least four of them. You will need to change the muslin swaddle blankets every time the diaper leaks, often. Keeping the swaddles rotated also helps to keep your child fresh.

Ease of use

If you are one of those parents who prefer convenience over price, then you should opt for the swaddle sacks or pods rather than the muslin swaddle blankets as they do not involve the tricky wrapping process.


The softest swaddles are what your CHILD prefers the most. Organic baby blankets are made from high-quality cotton or Muslin are the best as they become even softer with every wash.

Parents Also Ask

What is so great about organic muslin blankets?

Muslin is weaved openly, and it is very light in weight, making it suitable for breathability. It protects the child against overheating. Hence, giving him a safe and comfortable sleep. It is popularly known for its durability.

Is Muslin non-toxic?

It is the most environment-friendly fabric if grown organically, i.e., without chemicals, and colored with natural dyes.

How big should a swaddling blanket be?

A swaddle blanket is as good as it is more prominent in size. Large blankets help to give a proper and secure wrap to sleeping babies. It should never be less than 42″ x 42″ in length. Moreover, it should have a square shape.

Why is there a hole in SwaddleMe?

The hole at the back of the SwaddleMe accommodates you for swaddling your child in a harness.

Can you swaddle a 4 month old?

Baby starts rolling upside down between ages 2 to 4 months.. That is when you should be very careful while getting your baby swaddled, as this increases the risk of Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. You should initiate the transition process by the age of 4 months.