How To Clean Cloudy Baby Bottle Nipples?

Using new baby feeding gear is very exciting to all new moms. But they don’t have any idea how difficult it is to handle cloudy baby bottles and nipples. To ensure the baby’s hygiene, every mum wants to give their baby thoroughly sterilized, clean, and smooth feeding bottles, whether they are giving formula milk or breast milk. Every mother must know how to clean cloudy bottles nipples and how to get the smell out of baby bottles?

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I saw many mothers who were exhausted due to nasty, yellowish-colored nipples. That’s what every mother don’t like to use. Your little one also doesn’t enjoy drinking milk in cloudy bottle nipples due to harmful microbes on a cloudy nipple, especially stomach problems.

After going through many washing clouds from the feeding bottle, you didn’t find any result. Now, if you are using bottles Philips Avent natural and you are worried about how to clean cloudy baby bottle nipples? And not sure what things to do to clean the cloudy baby bottles thoroughly. 

Then you are at the right place. Here, I have gathered some of the proven and most accessible tips on how to clean cloudy baby bottle nipples that could help you clean the darkened nipples and bottles as well. It will help you to reuse bottles for second baby as well. 


What are the reasons behind the cloudy bottle nipples?

I have used many different styles of feeding bottles for my baby, but that awkward yellowish-colored stain always comes out. After analyzing some of my mistakes, I know why baby bottle nipples become cloudy? Here are the common reasons for cloudy baby bottles and you will realize how to clean cloudy baby bottle nipples;

  • The fats of formula and breast milk remain on the top of the nipple, which makes it cloudy most of the time. Due to your ignorance, you didn’t wash it properly.
  • Sterilization with extravagant heat make baby bottles cloudy after boiling.
  • The material of the bottle nipples is also vital to consider while purchasing feeding gear for your baby, as it sometimes becomes a significant cause of cloudy nipples.
  • How to clean baby bottles is a thoughtful fact because your laziness can cause cloudiness, affecting your baby’s health.


How to clean cloudy baby bottle nipples?

After going through the reasons, you might think about how to clean cloudy bottles? As you are already washing it properly but the stain remains the same. Without taking proper care of anything, we all know we cannot enjoy it. Likewise, if you want your baby healthy and to feed correctly, you need to take proper care of their feeding gear. Maintenance is a must for every essential. lets get deep inside the tips.

6 Tips on How to Clean Cloudy Baby Bottles:

Here I will tell you the proven tips; if you follow my guideline, you will surely get rid of these stinky stains that are unpleasant and unhygienic for babies.

1.  Check the bottle nipples.

It is a must to look over the material of the bottle nipples. Not all the materials are suitable for your baby. Mostly, the nipples are affected due to the high boiling temperature, especially when you sterilize in a machine and microwave it. You need to find those  bottle nipples that are heat resistant.

Are bottle nipples dishwasher safe? Well, the best nipples are silicon made, they are dishwasher safe, and have a long life to use. Sometimes baby bottle nipples greasy look is due to milk fat.  The most exciting part is that the yellowish rancid fat doesn’t appear on the nipples as quickly compared to other nipples. You can easily sterilize silicone nipples with hot water. Rubber and latex-made nipples are unsafe and can easily ruin with cloudiness very rapidly.

2.  Use of dish washing liquids

 You must know that chemicals in some dish washing fluids can cause cloudiness in the baby feeding bottles. When mixed with the remaining protein and  milk fat, these chemicals result in pronounced clouding with dual stickiness.

3.  Can you put bottle nipples in the dishwasher?

Some parents wonder are bottle nipples dishwasher safe? Well sure, why not, but if the nipples and bottles are labeled dishwasher-friendly, then you can quickly put them in the dishwasher but make sure to use chemical-free cleaning fluid, especially don’t use sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate mixed in many dish washing fluids because it usually sticks in the rubber and causes the cloudiness in the nipples.

4.  Wash every part of cloudy feeding bottles separately.

Don’t think that rinsing feeding bottles can help you out in this regard. Or you can wash the nipples together with the other utensils. No! Never. You need to take apart everything and cleaning cloudy bottles separately is important without any other utensils such as bottle brush to give your baby a healthy feeding. Otherwise, the yellowish material comes under your baby’s cloudy nipples.

Whether you are busy or have just arrived from work, you need to do your best before giving milk every time to your baby to provide them with cloud-free bottle nipples. Similarly, you must know when should I wash baby bottles before birth and make them properly air dry. 


5.  Replace of teats

When you see any unwanted material on the nipples or any other changes like; swelling, cracks, and stickiness on the baby feeding nipples, you need to replace the teat at any cost. If you didn’t find anything on the nipples and you used it for almost three months, then you must think about the changing of the teat, whatever happened.


6.  Wash bottles with lukewarm water

The best way to wash cloudy bottle nipples is to soak the parts of the bottle in the lukewarm water with a cleaning fluid free from SLES and gently scrub the nipples with a soft brush to clean around the stinky holes to clarify all the spaces. The soaking of the baby feeding bottle in hot soapy water can help the dried material come out easily.

7.   Use of vinegar

Are you tired of washing cloudy baby bottles? Are you finding how to get the smell out of baby bottles? Then this tiny and proven tip can help you clean cloudy bottles without any unwanted smell. Cleaning baby bottles with vinegar is worthy but cleaning baby bottles with baking soda is also a practically successful way of utilizing homemade baby bottle cleaner.

Soaking baby bottles in vinegar and water combination; take one glass of water and one tablespoon of vinegar. If there is a lot more stubborn cloudiness that is not ready to remove with this mixture, you can add more vinegar to remove the smell and the yellowish stain from the nipple. 

Let the teats remain in the vinegar mixture for almost 20-30 minutes to get better results. Cleaning baby bottles with vinegar is a proven process that eases the problem of cleaning cloudy bottles.

After this process, rinse it appropriately; otherwise, the milk will curdle. Wash the bottle and nipple, dry it with a soft and clean towel.

How to clean cloudy baby bottle nipples? a step by step procedure

To make your cleaning process more convenient, here is a step by step life-saving hack of cleaning cloudy nipples at your home conveniently with the help of vinegar.

Must have things,

  1. A large bowl
  2. Vinegar
  3. Water
  4. Bottle parts
  5. Clean area to dry

Step 1

Take a large bowl and fill it with clean lukewarm water to start your cleaning cloudy bottles process.


Step 2

Now add white vinegar to a bowl that you have filled up with water for cleaning baby bottles with vinegar. The ratio of water and vinegar mixture should be 10:1. You can increase the balance according to the cloudiness.


Step 3

Now you have to add cloudy nipples to vinegar water to soak. Leave dirty baby bottles and nipples for at least 30 minutes into the vinegar mixture and water.


Step 4

After soaking baby bottles in vinegar, you wash bottle nipples and use hot soapy water for cleaning cloudy bottles .


Step 5

After soaking baby bottles in vinegar. Scrub the bottle parts and nipples with bottle brush to make sure the vinegar is completely removed from every single corner and hole.


Step 6

Now it’s time to rinse the bottle parts and nipples with clean water. It’s good to clean nipples with running water because it is easier and removes all the stains from the bottle.


Step 7

Dry all the parts and nipples with a soft dry cloth or paper towel; otherwise, put them in the dry place for some time and then use the clean bottle for bottle feeding your baby.


This step by step process will help you to know how to clean cloudy baby bottle nipples and how to get the smell out of baby bottles effortlessly without using harsh chemicals.

Final thoughts

Indeed, every mother is concerned about their baby’s hygiene. No mother wants their baby to become ill. A cloudy bottle nipple affects your baby’s health and makes your baby’s stomach upset. To remove cloudy stains from the nipples, home remedies like soaking baby bottles in vinegar are the best option for every mother, which easily pulls out all the stinky material from the baby bottles.