How To Make Bassinet More Comfortable (15 Best Ideas)

Bassinets offer a safe, comfortable and convenient option for babies’ sleep and are easy to transport, making them ideal for travel.

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They are generally used in the first six months of your baby and provide an opportunity to co-sleep with your baby without bed-sharing. Are you a new parent and your baby facing trouble sleeping in a bassinet or crib? You’re probably worrying about how to make bassinet more comfortable. After all, a good night’s sleep is essential for you and your baby.

How to make Halo bassinet more comfortable: 15 Best Ideas 

A bassinet can be an excellent option for your baby’s sleep space, but you may be wondering how to make it more comfortable. Here are 15 ideas about how to make bassinet more comfortable for your baby.

Choose the best baby bassinet. 

A bassinet can provide a secure, snuggled, and peaceful place to let your baby falls asleep. Bassinets are also easier to transport than cribs, making them ideal for travel. With many added features like self-soothing, adjustable height, soothing sounds and rocking function, etc., Most bassinets with all these features are a relief to breastfeeding and c-section moms. 


The following are some of the top reasons to choose the best bassinet for your baby:


The baby’s safety is always our top priority. Make sure the bassinet is sturdy and well-constructed. Bassinets provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby. They are often equipped with mesh sides that allow you to see your baby and keep them safe and sound.

2. Comfort

Bassinets are specifically designed to be comfortable for your newborn baby. They are often made from soft, breathable materials that allow your baby to sleep in a bassinet peacefully.

3. Convenience

Bassinets are typically much lighter and more accessible to transport than cribs. It makes them ideal for travel or if you need to move them around the house. They are also generally easier to set up and take down, which can be a lifesaver when trying to get everything ready for a new baby.

4. Versatility

Bassinets can often be used as a sleeping space and a place for your baby to play like a pack n play. Some bassinets have music players and vibration settings to help newborn to sleep in.

5. Style

Bassinets come in a variety of types to match any nursery decor. From traditional to modern, there is a co sleeping bassinet to suit your taste. After considering the above factors when choosing the perfect bassinet for your little one. Lets move towards other ideas about how to make halo bassinet more comfortable.

Add a soft mattress pad to the bassinet.

A soft mattress pad will make the baby more comfortable sleeping in the bassinet. Adding padding to bassinet will provide an extra cushioning layer, making your baby’s sleep surface more cozy and lovable. It is essential to ensure that the mattress pad is not too thick or too thin.

Use a firm bassinet mattress for the baby’s bassinet.

Is the bassinet mattress too hard? It may be why you should consider using the most comfortable bassinet mattress for your baby’s bassinet. 

  • The first is that it can help to prevent SIDS. A firm mattress helps keep the baby’s head and chest elevated, reducing the risk of SIDS. 
  • Additionally, a firm baby’s bassinet mattress can help to prevent the baby from rolling over and becoming trapped.
  • Another reason to use a crib mattress is to provide a more comfortable sleeping surface.
  •  A firm mattress will support the baby’s spine and prevent them from sinking into the bed, which can cause discomfort.
  • Consider this most comfortable bassinet mattress.

Place the bassinet close to your bed.

You’ll want to be able to reach quickly if your baby cries, so placing the bedisde bassinet next to your bed is ideal. Many bassinet manufacturers offer amazing bedside bassinets with one-side down so you can easily access your child. You can also check the bassinet smell if you find something doubtful.

Don’t use loose bedding or pillows.

Again, this is for sleep safety reasons. Baby likes soft bedding and soft objects, but adding pillows and thick quilts is against the safety standards of safe sleep and baby’s health as they can increase the risk of SIDS and interrupt the baby’s sleep.

Keep the baby gear clean and clutter-free

You’ll want to keep the bassinet clean and free of any clutter or objects that could pose a safety hazard while the baby sleeps, like stuffed animal toys, rattles, and baby cleaning essentials. 

Babies sleep on their back.

According to pediatrics, Putting the baby on their back to sleep and a flat surface is essential to reduce the risk of SIDS.


Use a soft crib sheet.

A soft crib sheet will also make your bassinet comfortable for your baby. It will provide an extra layer of comfort and padding, making it more snugly for your baby’s mattress.

Add a string of lights.

Add a string of fairy lights or a nightlight nearby so you can check on your baby without disturbing their sleep. Baby loves bright lights, and they can grab their attention.

These are a great way to add a little bit of light and decoration to your home. They come in various colors and styles. Plus, they’re easy to install – plug them in, and you’re ready to go!

Swaddling your baby

Swaddling can help make your baby feel more secure, like a mother’s womb. It is essential to ensure that you do it correctly, so your baby can sleep soundly

To swaddle your baby, you will need:

– A large, flat sheet

– A swaddling blanket

  • First, fold the sheet in half to create a large rectangle. Then, place your fussy baby in the center of the rectangle, with its head on one side and its feet on the other.
  • Next, take the top corner of the sheet and wrap it around your baby’s head, tucking it under their chin. Then, cover the bottom corner of the sheet around your baby’s feet.
  • Finally, take the sides of the sheet and wrap them around your baby’s body, tucking them in securely. You can then use a blanket to keep your baby warm.

When swaddling your baby, it is essential to ensure that their head and neck are always above their blanket. You should also ensure that their chin is not resting on their chest, which can block their airway. Swaddling your baby correctly will help to keep them safe and comfortable. Moreover, consider the best organic swaddling blankets for newborns.

Invest in a sound machine for baby’s sleep

Do you want your baby to fall asleep soundly through the night? If so, you may want to invest in a sound machine. A good machine can help to soothe your baby and block out unwanted loud noises that might wake your baby up. There are a variety of sound machines on the market, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Temperature for baby’s comfort

Parents must ensure the baby’s room temperature is comfortable – not too hot or too cold. The ideal temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a thermostat to help regulate the temperature in your home.

Use a humidifier 

Dry air can cause several problems, including nosebleeds, static electricity, and difficulty breathing. A humidifier can help to add moisture to the air and make your home more comfortable.

Keep the baby’s bed away from windows and drafts.

It’s essential to keep your baby’s bassinet away from windows and drafts. Windows can let in too much light, disrupting your baby’s sleep. Drafts can make your baby cold, which can also interfere with sleep.

Use blackout curtains to block out light.

These curtains can help block light, making sleeping easier for your baby. If you don’t have blackout curtains, you can use a blanket to cover the windows.

Conclusion: How to make a bassinet more comfortable

Making your baby’s sleeping space more comfortable can help them (and you!) get a good night’s sleep. Following the above simple tips, you can make a space just right for your little one. Sweet dreams!

Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Bassinet

When new parents are ready to start shopping for a bassinet, there are a few things to keep in mind. 


  • Choose a bassinet that is sturdy and well-constructed.
  • Ensure it has a smooth, level bottom, so it doesn’t rock or wobble.
  • Look for mesh sides so you can always watch your baby.
  • Opt for storage pockets or a diaper bag holder to keep all of your baby’s essentials close by.


  • Don’t choose a bassinet that is too small or too large for your baby.
  • Don’t choose a bassinet with sharp edges or corners as it makes bassinet uncomfortable for baby.
  • Don’t use a bassinet that the manufacturer has recalled.
  • Don’t use a bassinet that is not meant for overnight sleeping.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and never leave your baby unattended in the bassinet.

Parents also ask

Can you add padding to a bassinet?

Yes, you can add padding to a bassinet. You can use special bassinet padding but make sure that whatever you use is safe for your baby and won’t cause them to overheat

Why are bassinet mattresses too hard?

Bassinet mattresses are often hard because they are firm and provide a stable surface for infants. It helps to prevent SIDS. If your baby feels uncomfortable on a hard surface, you can add a thin layer of padding.