How to Install Netting on Trampoline?

Whatever you do to recreate outdoor activities for your children, the results will be the same no matter how much fun you have on a trampoline the first time you play on it. On the other hand, Trampolines may provide the best enjoyment for both children and adults and fabulous outdoor fun lawn accessories that they thoroughly appreciate.

On the other hand, every child enjoys bouncing on a trampoline mat in their backyard or lawn. In addition, if not used properly, trampoline accidents occur and can cause significant injuries. Therefore, installing safety nets on a trampoline frame is vital for a safe bounce and keeping children safe. Furthermore, it is a simple process that anyone may complete with little difficulty.


Have you ever wondered how to install netting on trampoline?

So, let’s get into the core of the post to get to the bottom of the topic and learn about the best ways to trampoline net installation?

Do you know what the term “safety net” means?

Is a trampoline net necessary? Yes when it comes to trampolines, safety nets are usually mentioned or utilized in lawn or yard accessories to prevent any unexpected accidents or significant injuries to those using them while also making it more enjoyable to play on a trampoline mat. It is not only for children; as you have witnessed regularly, adults can also be tossed from trampolines without safety measures.

Jump on Trampoline Safety

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), parents must use trampolines with great safety precautions in the home as safety nets provide 27% to 39% fewer chances of injuries suffered by children when falling off the trampoline.

However, they cannot protect children from accidents on the trampoline mat.So, it would help if you learned how to secure netting on a trampoline at home.

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The safety nets must be high quality to survive for a longer duration. The safety nets are typically constructed from aluminum or steel tubes rods wrapped in foam sleeves, and they can reach heights of more than six feet in some cases.

On the other hand, the netting is specifically meant to prevent someone from slipping off the trampoline and becoming further injured. The safety net prevent the users from hitting the frame, causing a laceration, and so on, but they also provide maximum safety.


What is the best way to put net on trampoline?

Isn’t it true that installing trampoline safety nets is not that difficult? Do the shape and size dictate how to install trampoline net? And each trampoline installation is unique. So, as you begin the process and install the safety enclosure net or replacement net, keep in mind that the size of the most trampoline models might vary from a 6ft trampoline to an 8ft trampoline to a mini-trampoline.

How do you put netting on a trampoline? If you follow the directions to the point, you will be able to set up the net no matter what sort of trampoline you prefer or have experience working with. Also learn how to dissemble a trampoline.

Consider some of the tools used when putting a net on a trampoline or jumping castle.

  • The enclosure net and rope, with lower poles
  • Upper poles are a type of pole that extends above the ground.
  •  PVC sleeves to protect the product.
  • Pole caps are a kind of cap that is made of wood.
  • Rubber Mallet net on a trampoline
  • Phillips screwdriver 
  • spring pulling device

A step-by-step guide to how to install netting on trampoline?

You may know how to secure netting on a trampoline with the help of the tools mentioned above, and it will be simple. Keep following the trampoline net inside or outside installation instructions in the same manner.

Step 1: Firstly, make sure you have collected all the items necessary to tie trampoline net. And also you must wear gloves when installing the net on a trampoline including the lower and upper poles, connectors, netting hangers, and other accessories, are kept securely.

Step 2: We recommend that you set up the trampoline in an open area and then demonstrate that there are no obstructions such as trees, roof leaves, and so on when you put the enclosure net over it before jumping on it.

Step 3: The trampoline safety net has an affordable price anytime purchased from a retailer. As a result, the next step is how to attach net to trampoline?

Step 4: Safety net will keep your children safe from falling, but it is still a potentially deadly situation. Consider how much weight can a trampoline hold. Consequently, I believe that you should apply foam protection to the poles and use soft covers to protect all the springs.


Step 5: The netting was the next phase in the process. Spread the mesh over the entire surface of a trampoline to prevent accidents. Then pay close attention to the lowermost portion of the net and connect them tightly to the appropriate net poles in the proper places. As a result, wrap the sleeve over the bars immediately.

Make sure you don’t mess it up by putting it out of sequence!

Step 6: There’s one more tool in the toolbox, and that’s a Bungee cord, am I right? A bungee cord prevents your children and adults from rolling underneath the netting, which is quite dangerous.

This step involves wrapping the bungee cord around the lowermost portion of the net and connecting it to the own trampoline safety net.

Step 7: So your network is fully operational, but keep it safe for the time being because there is still a threat. Make sure you know how to tie trampoline net and maintain it sturdy and flexible so that you may have even great fun on the trampoline.

Step 8: Make sure that it is in proper working order. All of the equipment that we used to install the replacement nets and the poles are relatively secure now.

Step 9: Let’s put the net through its places on a trampoline easily to ensure it doesn’t come crumbling down at an inconvenient time.

Congrats! Installing and securing the trampoline safety net is something you do exceptionally well! 

Is it possible to afford a trampoline net?

Trampoline nets are available in a variety of sizes and colours. To make your lawn accessories more inexpensive, we are pleased to inform you that you can purchase a trampoline net for your lawn at an affordable price. Before proceeding to trampoline net installation, whenever you purchase and select a product from a well-known brand you dont have to worry about safety part, alternatively, you may find yourself purchasing a substandard product.

The average price ranges typically between $40 to $150 regularly. A high-quality + safety net compatible with round trampoline is built of high-quality materials such as polyurethane, which is durable and long-lasting.

What are the best trampoline net suggestions?

If you seek the best trampolines, we can assist you in locating a decent one that is of high quality and the best model available. Mostly come with trampoline netting installation instructions.

For your consideration, we have provided some suggestions;

  • Models of the Skywalker 
  • Skybound safety nets.
  • Model of the Zoomster Enclosure trampoline net.

Skywalker Trampoline Model:

It is possible to choose the Skywalker Model since it is available in three different sizes: 15 ft, 12 ft, and a 10-ft , the smallest of the three.

It comprises a tightly woven Polyethylene material that is uv resistant and can withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions and sunlight.

When selecting a trampoline jump mat, consider the size and comparability of the options.

Skybound safety net model:

How to install skybound trampoline net? Simple follow the above steps. When it comes to trampoline nets, have you ever wondered whether there is a universal trampoline net that can be used with various trampoline brands?

Skybound, on the other hand, is the perfect game for you!

This trampoline is available in three different sizes: 12, 14, and 15ft trampoline options. It is available in various designs, including straight, arched, top ring, and others.

Zoomster Enclosure trampoline net model:

The Zoomster outdoor trampoline enclosure net is compatible with six straight net poles. The trampoline model is popular since it is excellent polyester, weather-resistant and breathable. Just follow the trampoline net installation instructions after assembling the trampoline and you are good to go for great fun.


What would you do to repair the trampoline safety nets?

You may repair your trampoline safety net using strong threads if your trampoline net is damaged. Here are the procedures to improve your enclosure net around trampoline frame using frame using poles or arches and solid cables by following the trampoline net installation instructions.

  • After threading the special upholstery needle, proceed to the following step, which is to begin weaving the trampoline’s lowermost portion.
  • Maintain your progress until you reach the top of the box until the bottom edge.
  • Tie a knot at the top of the roof to keep the thread safe.
  • Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to completely fix the cracks in the trampoline kit.

DIY Outdoor trampoline net

Have you ever been curious about how to attach net to trampoline?

As it turns out, this is a better situation than you anticipated, and you may have even more fun on a outdoor trampoline in your backyard. At the same time, you may get an idea of how much net you will require. After that, you can purchase the appropriate nylon netting as and when you need it.

Take some logs and place them around the trampoline’s lowermost portion to protect it. As you have seen, you can also utilize the wooden stakes to help preserve the trampoline’s frame and arms, which will help to keep them safer.

On the other hand, the safety enclosure net is complete with its trampoline and small poles and is ready to be attached. You may know how to put a net on a 14ft trampoline?

The last thoughts

Last but not least, jumping on a trampoline is one of the best outdoor activities for adults and kids. It contributes to many of the increasingly frequent trampoline accidents that plague our society today. However, it is more enjoyable for your children and adults to work out while having great fun on a trampoline. To avoid several injuries, carefully follow trampoline net installation instructions and you will quickly learn how to install propel trampoline net.