How To Keep A Baby Cool In A Car Seat ( 20 Best Solutions)

Do you know how to keep a baby cool in a car seat? Babies sweat a lot and need to be kept cool in summer weather, which can be challenging when they’re strapped into a car seat. 

Babies are sensitive, and we, as parents, must monitor their body temperatures. They sweat a lot, and if they get too hot, they can get a heat rash or even a fever. That’s why it is essential to keep them calm and relaxed when you’re out and about in the summertime. Here are some best solutions for keeping your baby’s comfort level up in the heat.

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One of the best ways to do that is by using an infant car seat cooling pad. These pads attach to the car seat and help cool the car seat. They come in different sizes, so choose the one that will fit your car seat. Some are also reversible so you can use them on both sides. Use them whenever it’s hot outside, or your baby has a fever to help him cool down.

Quick Checklist for how to keep a baby cool in a car seat

These ten ways to keep your baby comfortable in a car seat are invaluable when you live in hot regions and have to take the child out.

  1. Place a cooling pad or gel pack in the car seat.
  2. Open the windows slightly while driving to allow for air circulation.
  3. Use a sun shade to keep direct sunlight off the car seat and baby.
  4. Dress your child in light, loose-fitting clothing.
  5. Do not over-bundle your child in blankets or other gear while in the car seat.
  6. Avoid using a blanket or a seat cover made of synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester, which can trap heat.
  7. Check the temperature of the vehicle before putting your baby in the seat.
  8. A fan or car seat cooler can circulate air around your infant car seat area.
  9. Park in a shaded area if possible to keep your car cool.
  10. Observe the car seat safety guidelines.

Complete Guide on how to keep baby cool in a car seat

Use a cooling pad for your car seat.

As I mentioned earlier, an infant car seat cooling pad is a great way to keep your child’s car seat cool and comfortable. These pads are made of gel or water-filled material and can be placed under or on the empty car seat. Some even have a built-in fan to help circulate the air.

If your baby gets hot in the car seat? The best way is to use an infant car seat cooling pad. These are designed to help regulate your baby’s temperature and can be placed underneath the car seat or on the headrest. They work by absorbing body heat and circulating cool air around the baby’s head and body.

Point rear air conditioning ducts toward your child

It is natural if your baby sweats in a car seat. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the back seat is the safest place for young children to ride in a vehicle. So, how to keep the back seat cool? Pointing the rear air conditioning vents at your infant can help keep them cool and comfortable in their car seat.

Use a fan

A small battery-operated or USB-powered fan can also help circulate air around your baby and keep them cool.

Dress your child in lightweight, breathable clothing

It’s essential to dress your child in comfortable clothing that won’t make them too hot. Choose light colors and fabrics that breathe, like cotton. And avoid multiple layers of clothing. It may also make your child uncomfortable. 

Monitor your baby’s temperature/ Signs of Overheating

To ensure your child doesn’t become too hot, keep an eye on their temperature. Parents should look out for signs of overheating, such as dizziness, sweating, and redder skin. If your baby shows any of these symptoms, get them out of the vehicle immediately and let them cool down.


Keep windows tinted

Tinting your car windows can help keep the sun’s rays out, car seats cool, save older kids and make the inside temperature of your car much lower and more relaxed.

Use a child seat canopy.

A child seat shade is a great way to keep your baby’s car seat cool and shady. These shades are designed to fit over the top of the car seat and can help block out the sun’s rays.

Park in the shade 

Parking in the shade is a great way to keep kids calm, eventually decreasing the temperature inside the car. Moreover, you can also use window shades to prevent overheating.

Cover your car seat with cooling towels

A towel can help deflect the sun’s rays and keep your baby’s car seat cooler. Use a light-colored towel to avoid heat absorption and have a comfortable ride.

Keep the windows open.

Circulating air can help keep the inside of your car cooler. Crack the windows open just enough to let the air flow through.

Keep your child hydrated.

It’s essential to keep your child hydrated, especially in hot weather. Please bring a baby bottle of water or breast milk and offer it to your child frequently.

Big windshield reflector

A big windshield reflector can help keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes and face. These reflectors are usually foil or mylar and can be placed inside the windshield.

Car seats with breathable material

While babies can now travel more safely, heat entrapment is a problem. This is particularly true for rear-facing infant car seats. The air conditioner cannot directly hit the infant, so the child ends up screaming and red-faced. Car seat Manufacturers are now aware of this and create premium car seats with more breathable fabrics and mesh when possible. These features will surely provide a more comfortable ride for little riders at the back.

Cold water

Soak a washcloth in cold water to cool your baby’s hot car seat and place it on your baby’s head or neck. You can also set a cold, wet cloth on the back of their neck or under their arms.

Evaporative cooler

An evaporative cooler can help circulate cool air around your child and keep them comfortable. These devices work by evaporation, so they require a water source.

Ice packs

To cool your baby down, place an ice pack on their neck, under their arms, or on their lap. You should wrap the ice packs in a towel so that it doesn’t touch your baby’s skin.

Cooling car seat cover for summer

Cooling car seat covers are a great way to keep your baby’s car seat cool in the summer. These covers are made of breathable fabric and can help circulate the air around your baby.

Mesh Car seat covers

A mesh car seat cover can help keep your baby cool by allowing air to circulate them. These covers fit over the car seat and have a mesh panel that provides ventilation.

Car capsule moisture

A car capsule with moisture-wicking fabric can help keep your child cool and comfortable. These capsules have a built-in fan that circulates the air and helps evaporate any moisture.

No-sweat car seat cover

A no-sweat cover can help keep your baby’s car seat harness dry and comfortable. These covers are made of a moisture-wicking fabric that helps prevent sweating.

What color car is best for hot weather?

When it comes to keeping your child cool in their car seat, the color of your car can make a difference. The heat is reflected better by lighter colors than those in darker colors. A white or silver vehicle will keep your baby’s body relaxed.

 Black and dark-colored cars absorb more heat, making it harder to keep your baby comfortable. If you’re taking your child out on a hot sunny day, keeping them safe and comfortable is essential. Following these tips can help ensure your baby stays calm and happy in their car seat.

Conclusion: how to keep a baby cool in the car seat

Ventilated car seats are becoming more and more popular as parents learn about the benefits they provide. Not only do these seats keep children cooler in the summer months, but they also help to circulate fresh air and reduce the risk of overheating. If you’re looking for a way to keep your child cool in a car seat while driving, consider investing in a ventilated car seat or the alternatives mentioned above. Do you have any questions about baby sweating or how to keep the baby cool in a car seat? Leave us a comment below – we’d be happy to answer them!

Parents Also Ask

How can I stop my child from sweating in the car?

If your child is sweating in their car seat, you can do a few things to help them stay calm. First, Make sure your car seat is well ventilated. If possible, park in the shade or use a sunshade to cover the car seat. A car seat cooler can be another option.

How do you make homemade noggle?

Make a homemade noggle to keep your child’s car seat cool. For this, you will need a piece of cotton fabric, a length of ribbon, and a sewing machine:
Cut the cotton fabric into a rectangle slightly larger than the car seat.
Then fold the fabric in half, and sew the ends together.
Turn the noggle right side out and tie the ribbon around the top.
Place the noggle over the car seat to help keep your child cal

What are ventilated car seats?

These car seat types have holes or vents in the fabric to allow for air circulation. It can help keep your child cool on hot days. Ventilated car seats are available for both infants and toddlers.

What is the best infant car seat?

The best seat for your child will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some things you may want to consider when choosing a car seat for your baby include the type of vehicle you have, the age and weight of your baby, and whether you want a rear-facing or forward-facing. You can also find car seats with built-in features like air vents or cooling pads to help keep your baby cool on hot days.