Best Stainless Steel Cups For Toddlers- 7 stainless steel sippy cup options

Finding the best stainless steel straw cup for toddlers can be a challenge if you are a new parent. Not only do you have to worry about durability and safety, but you also want something that will make your child happy. In this blog post, I will be reviewing the Seven best stainless steel cups for toddlers in 2022. We will talk about what makes these cups so special, and we will also give you some tips on choosing the right cup for your child. So read on to learn more!

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We’ll start by looking at the best stainless steel sippy cup for toddlers; then, we’ll move on to the best straw cups. After that, we’ll discuss the factors you should consider when buying a plastic-free sippy cup for a baby, and finally, we’ll crown our winner.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Why are stainless steel cups recommended?

Stainless steel is the way to go when it comes to sippy cups. They are more durable than their plastic counterparts but better for the environment. Stainless steel 360 cup with handles can be recycled, and they don’t leach chemicals into your child’s water like some plastic sippy cups can.

Are stainless steel cups good for toddlers? Stainless steel sippy cups are often insulated, which will keep your child’s drinks colder (or hotter) for longer. And if you’re looking for a traditional sippy cup that will grow with your child, many stainless steel cups come with removable handles or spouts to be used as regular cups when your child is ready.

What are the ten benefits of stainless steel cups for toddlers?

Many parents wonder what cups are best for toddlers teeth? Lets explore some benefits of stainless steel training cups:

  • They’re more durable than plastic cups or glass sippy cups.
  • They don’t leach chemicals into your child’s drinks.
  • They’re often insulated, unlike open cups, keeping drinks colder or hotter for longer.
  • Many stainless steel cups come with removable handles or spouts, so they can be used as regular cups when your child is ready.
  • They’re more eco-friendly than plastic cups because they can be reused repeatedly.
  • Some stainless steel sippy cups are even dishwasher-safe.
  • Stainless steel cups often have a wider base, making them less likely to tip over.
  • The metal construction makes them more resistant to shattering if dropped.
  • Stainless steel cups usually have a sippy lid that fits snugly to prevent spills.
  • Some stainless steel cups even come with built-in straws, that are best for teeth!

Seven Best Stainless Steel cups for toddlers

So what are the best stainless steel non toxic sippy cups? Here are our top picks that surely amaze you:

Munchkin Cool Cat Stainless Steel Straw Cup

The Munchkin Cool Cat Stainless Steel Straw Cup is the perfect companion for your kid at home, playground, in preschool, and on the go. This stainless steel sippy cup with handles has premium quality insulation wall keeps water cool for about 15 hours. Therefore, it is one of the best stainless steel straw cups who like their drink cool and refreshing. 

Eye-catching design

The best stainless steel toddler cup has a cat ear design and is available in various amazing colors. So, your kid will surely be attracted to these best sippy cups. With 8 ounces of capacity, it is lightweight while traveling. 

Weighted straw sippy cup

This cool cat stainless steel straw feature a weighted straw that helps keep it upright, even when your child is playing. Plus, the click-lock lid prevents accidental spills. Moreover, The easy-grip handles make it easy for little hands to hold, and the cup is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Click-lock silicone lid 

The flip-top silicone sippy lids are easy to open and close, and the spill proof straw means that your child can drink without messing. So, without any further thinking, quench your baby’s thirst with the best straw sippy cup for smoothies.  

Final verdict

The Munchkin Cool Cat Stainless Steel Straw Cup comes with a silicone straw that keeps away toddlers’ teeth problems. Investing in a best stainless steel sippy cup for baby that can be used for a longer period is a good decision. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 15 hours
  • Flip-top lid is easy to open and close
  • Spill-proof straw means no mess
  • Unlike open cups it has plastic cover
  • safe drinks from toxic chemicals
  • Easy-grip removable handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy cleaning like glass cups
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not leak proof
  • Only suitable for boys and girls 18 months and up
  • No replacement straws are available

Nuby Thirsty Kids Stainless Steel Travel Cup

Stainless steel cups are a great option because they are durable and safe. Plus, they keep drinks cool for long hours, perfect for hot summer days. If you are looking for a cup your toddler will love, check out the Nuby Thirsty Kids No-Spill Flip-It Reflex Stainless Steel cup. 


This transition cup is designed with little hands in mind and is easy to hold. I have used this cup for my son, and he loves it. It is easy to clean, and he can drink from it without spills. The sustainable insulation of this stainless steel toddler cup keeps water cold and hot for about 10 hours. Many parents like this cup who are living in hotter regions.

Reflex cap

All parents with crawling babies and toddlers are well aware of how they are prone to germs and bacteria by picking out things from floors. Therefore, to maintain hygiene for babies, this best non-plastic sippy cup comes with a reflex cap. It protects the soft silicone spout when your kid has finished drinking milk. 

Gentle spout

If your baby is ready to move on to transition cups, this is the best we have with all the features for a starter to solid foods. It has a soft spout that remains gentle on your baby’s delicate gums and teeth. 

Final Verdict

Nuby Thirsty Kids Stainless Steel cup is the best sippy cup for smoothies. You can blend different fruits and offer them to your kid. Unlike open cups, it keeps them refreshing and tasty. 

Reasons to Buy
  • It is made with 304 food-grade stainless steel
  • It is BPA free and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean regular cup
  • spill-proof sippy cup
  • dishwasher safe.
Reasons to Avoid
  • The cup is not 100% leak proof, so there is a small chance that your child may still spill their drink if they are not careful.
  • Comes with no handles

Contigo Stainless Steel Spill Proof Kids Tumbler with Straw

The Contigo stainless steel spill proof kids tumbler with straw is the perfect cup for your toddler. It is manufactured with durable stainless steel and is spill proof, so you don’t have to worry about your child making a mess. The cup also has a built-in straw, so your child can easily drink from it. The design is also very cute and will make your child happy.

Leak proof seal

If you are looking for the best stainless steel sippy cup with straw for your toddler, then the Contigo Stainless Steel Spill Proof Kids Tumbler with Straw is perfect. It has a silicone seal around the straw that makes it mess proof and saves you from soggy sofas. 

Fit most car cup holders

What else do you want when you have it all in one cup for your child, you can use it at home or even in the car. And its functional insulation system will keep drinks cold for about 10 hours. No worries, it can easily fit in cup holders or, by chance, if they fall upside down. It will not mess up your car as it is leakproof. 

Durable construction

Stainless steel construction is durable and spill proof. The design is also very cute and will make your child happy. At the bottom, it has a soft rubber grip to prevent it from tipping over. 

Final Verdict

Contigo Stainless Steel Spill Proof Kids Tumbler with Straw is the last but not the least good stainless steel cup for your baby. It is worth your investment, and your baby can use it for almost 2 to 3 future years.  

Reasons to Buy
  • Break proof
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • The spill proof valve inside the straw
  • Attractive design
  • Cup holder compatible.
Reasons to Avoid
  • It May be difficult to clean if the straw becomes clogged
  • Stainless steel can make the cup too heavy for some toddlers
  • It May be difficult to find replacement straws if the original one lost

Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Thinkster Bottle ( Best cups for 4 year olds )

If you’re looking for a non-plastic sippy cup for your toddler, the Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Bottle is a perfect choice. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is durable and features a straw for easy sipping. However, you can also convert it to other bottles by switching sippy spouts with bottle nipples.

Spill-proof design 

The Thinkbaby Stainless Steel toddler cup with straw is ideal for children aged nine months to 36 months. And who is always on the go? The spill-proof design means that you don’t have to worry about accidents. There is a cross-cut on the straw that helps to prevent liquid from spilling while tipping over. 

Visible marking

This stainless steel cup with handles has embossed markings to make it easy to measure the right amount of liquid and would not go off easily after washing many times. The handles provide comfort to little hands while holding.  

Soft Medical Grade Silicone Spout 

Parents struggling with their babies’ transition from bottle feeding to best sippy cups may find Thinkbaby Stainless Steel a blessing. It has soft silicone straw that does not irritate the baby’s gums and front teeth. These silicone spouts and straws are made from the same material as pacifiers.

Final Verdict

The Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Thinkster Bottle is toddlers’ best stainless steel water bottle. The cup is also completely nontoxic and BPA-free, making it safe for your child to use. The bright orange color will make it easy to find in your diaper bag.

Reasons to Buy
  • Comes with a travel top
  • Durable
  • features an extended straw for easy sipping
  • The cup is dishwasher safe
  • Drink stays at an ideal temperature
  • Attractive colors
  • Wide-mouth opening
  • Easy to open and close
Reasons to Avoid
  • The carrying case is not insulated, so the cup may warm if left in a hot car.
  • The sippy cup may leak if the vent is not properly covered.
  • Needs a straw cleaning brush for thorough cleaning

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

The Pura Kiki Cups with Silicone Sleeve is the perfect choice for parents looking for a safe and long-lasting sippy cup. It is suitable for all ages, from babies and infants to toddlers. The cup is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a silicone sleeve that helps keep it insulated. This best non plastic sippy cup comes with a built-in straw, silicone nipple, and silicone top, making it easy for your child to drink from.

Revolutionary design 

Want to keep your baby away from plastic? Then opt for this best non-plastic sippy cup altogether for your little one. The Pura introduces one bottle system with interchangeable lids to use this durable and best stainless steel sippy cups for your baby at every stage of your kid. With a capacity of 11 ounces, this evolvable bottle fulfills the needs of a child aged between 6 months to 2 years. 

Vented tip

The Pura kiki best stainless steel sippy cup for toddlers is one of the best cups you could buy for your growing baby. It is made from safe materials and is easy to clean. The cup comes with a vented straw and is perfect for babies learning to use a sippy cup before opening cups.

Silicone Sleeves

Parents can also use this best straw cup for toddler smoothies. It comes with sleeves made from silicone that are soft and comfortable for your child to hold. The straw of Pura kiki bottles is also protected with a silicone top, so you don’t have to worry about getting dirty.

Final Verdict

It is suitable for all ages, but we think it’s the best sippy cup for smoothies Moreover, the Pura Kiki bottles are eco-friendly and will last you for years to come.

Reasons to Buy
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Internal volume marks
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Faster-flowing spout
  • Sustainable
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free.
  • Comes with a straw
  • Silicon sleeve and covers protect the straw
  • Interchangeable silicone lids
Reasons to Avoid
  • Some parents may prefer sippy cup alternatives to toddler sippy cups
  • More expensive than other options.

Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid

The simple modern kid’s bottles are made with superior quality material and durability. It has straw lids that come in a variety of colors and styles. You can change the straw lid with the flip one to keep hot water as needed. However, it keeps your drink fresh and does not give you a bad metal taste. 

Vacuum insulated technology

Unlike glass cups, the double-walled exterior design with a vacuum insulated seal between the walls keeps drinks cold for hours, and the leak-proof straw lid is perfect for kids on the go. These bottles are also BPA-free and phthalate-free, so you can feel good about giving them to your little ones.

Great size availability

You can have wide choices of water capacity in bottles from 4 oz, 18 oz, 22 oz, to 32 oz. Moreover, if your kids are a little picky, you can amaze them with colorful patterns and designs. The exterior body of the bottle will never get hot or sweat to the touch. 

Straw silicone lid

The extended straw to the bottom is there so your kid can enjoy a tilt-free and safe sippy. Moreover, the straw can be removed during a thorough cleaning. 

Final verdict

Enjoy fruity drinks on hot days with this best straw cup for smoothies that keeps your drink fresh and tasty without any bad metal odor. So your kid can stay hydrated in style. 

Reasons to Buy
  • The insulated stainless steel design keeps drinks cold for hours
  • A leak proof straw lid is perfect for kids on the go
  • phthalate-free
  • Wide-mouth opening
  • Solid colors
  • rust-resistant
  • Can be fit in car seat cup holder
Reasons to Avoid
  • Some parents find the leak proof feature to be tricky to use and clean
  • Hard plastic spout, recommended for grown-up girls and boys

CamelBak Eddy Kids Water Bottle

The CamelBak eddy kids water bottle is the best stainless steel option for toddlers. It is made with double-walled vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for 24 hours. It also features a spill proof straw cup that is easy for kids to use.

Compatible with car seat cup holders

With all the fun colors and patterns, the CamelBak Eddy Kids Water Bottle is loved by kids. It is durable and BPA-free. So, if you want to avoid the plastic version and like to have your drink at a certain temperature, you can surely choose a non-plastic bottle. It serves well while traveling and easily fits into cup holders. 

Spill-Proof valve

The straw of this bottle is made of soft plastic and is open with the bite. This feature, at one point, makes it spill proof and, on the other hand, may develop a bad habit of biting babies. In my experience, this bottle is not recommended for kids below years because babies have delicate gums and teeth at such an age. 

Odor and stain-free straw bottle

Nobody likes bad metal odor, and especially children are very sensitive when drinking. This entire bottle is made of high-quality material, and you will get pleasant and refreshing liquid out of it. 

 Final Verdict

If your child has learned how to drink from a straw, then these insulated bottles will keep your baby hydrated in hot weather. 

Reasons to Buy
  • The drink container don’t sweat
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Spill-proof
  • Easy carrying handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain and odor resistant bottle
  • Comes in fun and trendy designs that kids will love
Reasons to Avoid
  • It is a bit more expensive than other stainless steel cups for toddlers.
  • It is not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed.
  • The straw can be detached when shaken roughly.

Buying guide: Step-by-step-Guide

When it comes to choosing a cup for your toddler, there are a few things that you will want to consider. There are numerous options for sippy cups, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for your child. Following are the factors to consider when buying best toddler cups.


One factor to consider is the material of the cup. Many parents prefer stainless steel cups because they keep their babies’ drinks at a favorable temperature. Moreover, they are also durable and safe. However, many non-plastic options, such as glass or bamboo cups, are also available.


Another important factor to consider is whether or not you want a cup with a straw. Some parents find that their children prefer cups with straws, while others prefer cups without straws. However, it also depends on the age of your baby. Initially, babies like soft spout cups, but use them for a limited time so your child can learn mature swallowing. 


Parents need to consider the size of the cup as per requirement. Some parents prefer larger cups so that their children can have more water throughout the day. Others prefer smaller cups so that their children can carry them around more easily.


Most sippy cups are very durable and can last for years. They are nontoxic, unlike plastic cups. Moreover, like straw bottles, they are more sustainable and strongly built than other options, like glass cups.


Of Course, this factor is the most important As stainless steel cups are safe for your child to use. They must include BPA-free plastic, break-proof, and last for longer. No matter your preferences, there is sure to be a stainless steel sippy cup on this list perfect for your toddler.

Ease of cleaning

Consider a cup that can be smoothly disassembled and requires no tools for cleaning. A wide-mouth opening cup can be a perfect choice.


Stainless steel sippy cup for milk is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic your child is exposed to. Unlike glass sippy cups, they are durable and can last for many years. Our top pick for the best stainless steel water bottle and sippy cup is the Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Thinkster Bottle. It is affordable, has a silicone sippy spout, and comes in several fun colors. 

If you are looking for a stainless steel bottle for your toddler with straws, there are other options and factors to consider. Like Green sprouts, stainless steel cups, and Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Straw cups help babies transition from breast milk to open cups.

I’ve highlighted the key points to look for and shared our top seven picks from our testing. We hope this information will help you choose the perfect cup for your little one. Have you tried any of these cups? Let us know in the comments how your child likes them.

Parents Also Ask

What cups do toddlers dentists recommend?

Many child dental specialists discourage the prolonged use of baby bottle nipples because it increases the risk of tooth decay. So better to use sippy cups that help your baby transition from bottle-feeding or breast milk to independent cup drinking. 

Can you put smoothies in a sippy cup?

Stainless steel cups are best for smoothies. They are specially designed to keep your drinks cool and refreshing. They have a spill proof lid and come in various styles so your baby can enjoy their smoothie and stay hydrated.

What is a smoothie tumbler?

A smoothie tumbler is a cup designed to hold a thick mixture of blended fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and nuts.

Can stainless steel cups go in smoothies?

Stainless steel cups are ideal for smoothies; they have the sustainability to hold thick weighted beverages and keep them cool and refreshing to drink after some time.

When should kids stop using sippy cups?

The AAP suggests that children stop using sippy cups with spouts or straws by age 2. And start using an open cup, glass cup, or regular cup for better teeth health. 

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